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Our team of 100% USA-based virtual receptionists can answer your calls, allowing you to get back to what’s important to you!

Celebrating 30 Years In Providing The Best In Virtual Receptionist Services

Our Core Services

Voice Link Is Here To Answer The Call

When you are a 24/7 business your phone calls need to be answered. That is where we come in to help you answer those phone calls. We understand the demands and challenges business owners face daily. Voice Link's answering service for all types of businesses, customer service solutions can help. Whether you need to improve your customer service efforts or don't want to miss any more incoming calls, we are the telephone answering service business owner's love and trust.


Most small business owners are tied to their cell phones when you run a 24/7 service. When you hire an answering service provider like Voice Link you are no longer tied to that cell phone.


“I keep missing calls because I’m too busy to answer the phone.”

“I have thought about hiring a virtual receptionist but I am unsure of the cost.”

“I am missing sales calls because I could not answer when a potential client was calling for more information.”

“Callers keep hanging up because my voicemail picked up.”

“I am overwhelmed with voicemail messages left by clients.”

“I can’t take a weekend trip or spend time with my family without taking calls.”

...If any of this is familiar to you, it may be time

to learn more about virtual receptionist services.

Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps


Schedule a

We schedule a quick consultation to discuss your business and your needs in order to develop your custom answering service plan.


Build a
Tailored Plan

Every client is unique and we create a custom plan to meet your needs and desires.


Your Service

Our highly-skilled, professional team of operators implements your tailored plan and ensures you don’t miss a call.

Switch and Save with our simple onboarding process

Our 30 Years Of Phone Answering Experience Applied To Your Business

Are you being interrupted while having dinner with your family? With a phone answering service, we can take those calls so you never miss an opportunity again to spend time with your family and friends. Voice Link will answer those calls because customer service is our number one priority. Your incoming calls will be answered by our friendly, resourceful live answering service receptionist. Our telephone answering services include answering questions about your services, take a message that can be routed to the on-call person, and help schedule appointments. When using our live telephone answering service we customize a script with you. This will help our receptionist get all the information that you need to make sure the caller gets professional customer support.

Your Voice Link - Woman working on computer

You’re In Good Company

We are real receptionists with affordable solutions.

What Is a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist can have the same responsibilities as the receptionist in your office. The virtual receptionist is located in a call center and working remotely and not in your office. The virtual receptionist services are available to your twenty-four hours a day. (24/7/365)

When you use Voice Link’s virtual receptionist services all your calls are answered by a live person who has been professionally trained in phone etiquette. All your calls are answered with your company’s name, the virtual receptionist will follow your protocol by first asking all the questions you asked us to get from each caller. They will then determine, by your protocol, if the caller needs to be transferred to the on-call person or held for when the office staff returns. Our friendly phone agents will answer your calls and follow your script. Our live receptionists are committed to providing the best customer support for your business. 

Tasks A Live Virtual Receptionist Can Handle

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Providing help desk support
  • Providing information about your services
  • Helping callers place an order
  • Whistleblower Hotline Service
  • Multiple Call Center locations for redundancy 
  • Answer calls when your office has been closed for bad weather / other emergencies
  • Hotlines
  • Text Message to the person on-call 


Lessen customer response time because they receive live virtual receptionist help without going to the dreaded voicemail, and they can quickly schedule an appointment without waiting for a callback.

What is An Answering Service?

Answering service is also a receptionist service. The receptionist services are also available to you twenty-four hours a day. The answering service team is highly trained to take your calls and follow your protocol. Usually, businesses use an answering service during lunch hours and after hours for emergency calls. Our receptionists are trained to answer every phone call professionally. 

Tasks An Answering Service Can Handle

  • Answering after-hours emergency calls
  • Dispatching calls to the on-call person
  • Customer Support
  • Live Customer Service Specialists
  • Disaster Recovery answering service
  • Over-Flow calls during office when your staff is overwhelmed
  • Answer calls while your staff is in a meeting
  • Answer calls when you are short-handed or your receptionist calls out sick
  • Calls can be routed to the answering service at any time
  • Calls can be routed during bad weather and this will keep your staff safe
  • Small Business Answering Services
  • Text Message to the person on-call

We Track What Matters


Calls Annually


AVG Hold Time


Customer Referral Rate

Industries We Serve

Voice Link answer calls for a variety of industries. We know all calls are an opportunity. Never miss another opportunity and let your receptionist answer your calls. Let us help you improve your customer satisfaction by letting us answer your calls so you can have time to do the things you enjoy doing.

Higher Education
Service Providers
Funeral Homes

When you hire us to answer your calls, you will free up your staff to do other jobs around your office.

Our Virtual Receptionists will become your live virtual receptionist who will take care of your calls and give your customer the personal touch they deserve.

Still not sure if you need an answering service to help with your phone calls?

Our professional answering service has a team of friendly, caring, and live receptionist that are willing to provide the best customer service for your business.

Our programming team will help you customize an answering service solution that will help improve your customer satisfaction rate.


“Columbus Hospice & Columbus Hospice of Alabama have used Voice Link for more than 17 years as our health care provider answering service. My favorite aspect of Voice Link is the use of technology. The technology ensures that calls are not missed, and further if a question arises as to the content of a call, the calls are recorded for easy access and review. If we have a question or a need, we are able to get immediate, local service, and attentive response.”

Donna M.

“We have used voice link for more than 17 years as our healthcare answering service and love how technology ensures our calls are never missed!"

Happy Hills Health Center


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