Best Answering Service for Service Providers

You want the best for your customers. So do we. That’s why we are the answering service service providers love and trust.

We know that service providers are often working on their business and may not be able to answer calls right away. We also know that most customers don’t want to leave a voicemail. That’s where we can help. Through our virtual receptionist services, we can ensure you never miss a sales call again and increase your revenue.

Who We Help


HVAC Contractors

Your Voice Link - Plumber working on a leak


Your Voice Link - Smiling Electrician Working


Your Voice Link - Locksmith unlocking a lock


Your Voice Link - Landscaper weedeating


Your Voice Link - Janitor cleaning up a spill

Janitorial Services

Your Voice Link - Pest Control

Pest Control

Your Voice Link - Utility Work Ahead

Utility Companies

Your Voice Link - Home repairman with toolbox

Home & Other Repair Services

Voice Link of Columbus Inc. Has Multiple Service Plans to Fit Your Businesses’ Needs.

We Track What Matters


Calls Annually


AVG Hold Time


Customer Referral Rate


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