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We understand the demands and challenges you face running your Utility Company. Voice Link’s local answering service, virtual receptionist and call center solutions can help. Whether you need to improve your customer service efforts, or don’t want to miss another sales call, we are the virtual receptionist Utility Companies Trust. We have experience working with public and private utilities including water, power, cable, and gas.

  • Answer Calls 24/7
  • Filter Emergency / Non-Emergency Calls
  • Reduce Your Response Times
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

All of these items help boost your revenue and profitability.

Take the first step to improving business efficiencies and capturing revenue. Whether your business is looking to expand to 24/7 availability, or outsource customer appointment scheduling and reminders due to time and resource constraints, Voice Link’s virtual receptionist services can help your utility company.

Voice Link of Columbus Inc. Has Multiple Service Plans to Fit Your Businesses’ Needs.

Voice Link can help your residential and/or commercial business by:

Handling Inbound & Rollover Call Volume

Administering Messages in Real-Time

Filtering Emergency & Non-Emergency Calls

Boosting Revenue Growth & Probability

"Joann Fussell runs a very professional call center providing 24/7 nationwide services.  She has been a joy to work with over the years... and she is always looking for ways to improve her business and the level of support she provides for her clients. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a call center to partner with to contact her."

Tom Lindsay
Sales Representative at Amtelco


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