Customer Service Call Center Answering

Our customer service support is a cost-effective and simple solution to provide excellent customer service to your inbound callers 24/7/365!


Customer Service Call Center Answering

Our customer service support is a cost effective and simple solution to service your customers around the clock!

Customer Service Is An Integral Part of Growing Business and Increasing Revenues

Voice Link’s customer service call center services serve as an inbound call center for businesses of all sizes. Our web-enabled customer service call center services are ideal for technical support, help desk, lead generation calls, or customer service inquiry. Exceed customer expectations by providing callers immediate access to talk to a call center agent in real-time – so they can receive the live assistance and technical support that they need.


Our team of customer service agents is dedicated to providing accurate information while handling incoming calls professionally and improving customer satisfaction. A happy customer is a returning customer, and at Voice Link, our agent becomes your customer service representative.


Companies that invest in improving customer experience have seen, on average, a:

  • 42% improvement in customer retention
  • 33% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • 32% increase in cross-selling and up-selling


Exception customer care not only improves your customer satisfaction but also improves your referral rate.

Our Virtual Receptionists Commit To:

Being Available To Your Customer 24/7/365
Listening to Your Customer and Their Challenge
Offering Clear and Accurate information From Your Knowledge Base
Resolving Customer Issues Timely and Professionally
Providing An Excellent Customer Experience
Improving Customer Satisfaction
Handling Incoming Calls Professionally
Answering Inbound Calls in a Timely Manner

Not sure what plan would work best for your business? Follow the link to find the plan that meets your requirements.

Operating 24/7, Our Virtual Receptionist Services Offer:

  • Disaster Recovery & Contingency Plans for Incoming Calls

  • Overflow Answering During Peak Call Volume Times

  • Document Incoming Call History

  • Improve Inbound Call Response Times for Support

  • Cost Reduction for Customer Support Services

  • Trained & Dedicated Agents Using State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Scalability to Grow With Your Business

  • Fully Customizable Inbound Call Scripting & Reporting

Great company. They really helped our company streamline our after hours and holiday calls to get our customers taken care of. This has really taken the weight off of us to have to manage that aspect of our business, so we could focus on what we are the experts on. If there were any items that need to be addressed, they provided excellent customer service and are very timely. I would highly recommend them.

Scott Dickson

Voice Link provides 24/7/365 top quality call center, order taking, and answering service plans starting at $29. Our team of dedicated agents can handle any level of incoming call volume that you may have. To learn more about our customer service call center services, or to learn more about how we can improve your customer service operation, contact us today.


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