Live Answering Service

We believe an answering service is an extension of your business and we want to be your partner.


Live Answering Services

We believe an answering service is an extension of your business and we want to be your partner.

Voice Link’s Live Answering Services Are Here For You and Your Business

Business owners are struggling with fatigue due to working long hours. The owners cell phone rings 24 hours a day. Is this You?


Let Voice Link’s telephone service help you with these calls!


We Are A Live Telephone Answering Service Dedicated To Serving Your Business.

At Voice Link, we leverage our extensive experience and leading edge technology to develop a flexible solution to provide you with the highest quality virtual receptionist services for your company.

Industries We Serve

Higher Education
Service Providers
Funeral Homes

Why Businesses Choose Voice Link:

All your phone calls will be answered with your company name and your customer will get a live person every time. In today’s world callers don’t like listening to a voice message or like leaving a message in voicemail. Don’t miss anymore incoming calls.

Did you know that 72 to 80% of callers haven up when the call is answered by voicemail?  Live call answering is the fastest way to grow your business!

Not sure what plan would work best for your business? Follow the link to find the plan that meets your requirements.

Phone answering is our core business.

Why take the risk of losing a customer because you or your staff could not answer the phone. Phone answering is our core business.


Let one of our professional receptionists take care of your customers. We can improve your customer experience and customer loyalty because your caller will always be speaking to a virtual receptionist - available to them 24 hours a day to take care of their needs

Answering The Call When You Can’t.

Is your phone ringing out of control when you are with a customer, at a lunch meeting or spending time with your family?


Let Voice Link help you with those incoming calls when you are not available. You will be ahead of your competition with a live answering service. You will be providing customer support 24 hours a day.

Live Phone Call Answering Improves Customer Service.

Customers today are looking for a business who provides great customer service. When a caller is calling a business, they are looking to get a quick answer.


When they reach a voicemail, they hang up and go on to the next business. Can you afford to miss these opportunities?


Become a part of the Voice Link family and let us answer your incoming calls with a professional trained live receptionist today!

How To Get Started? It’s easy! We will walk you through the process to make sure you receive the professional answering service you deserve!

Our Live Answering Services Include:

  • 24/7 Availability

  • Live Customer Service Specialists

  • Customer Service Support

  • Order Entry

  • Toll Free Access Numbers

  • Dealer Locator & Referral

  • Dispatch

  • Secure Mobile App

  • Improve Customer Loyalty

"Joann Fussell runs a very professional call center providing 24/7 nationwide services.  She has been a joy to work with over the years... and she is always looking for ways to improve her business and the level of support she provides for her clients. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a call center to partner with to contact her."

Tom Lindsay
Sales Representative at Amtelco


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