Do Landscapers Need A Live Answering Service? Yes, And Here’s Why…

Man with lawn trimmer working on side of road

We’ll back that answer up in this post, and we’ll also discuss the features customers would expect in the best answering service for landscapers. 

But first, let’s see what an actual landscaper had to say on the subject. From an online Q&A at Turf Magazine:

An answering service is way better than voice mail. Half of the first-time callers will hang up before leaving a voice mail, and therefore losing sales. If someone answers 24/7 the caller will be impressed and will leave their info because they will be asked for it by a person. Other benefits are that you are getting an email with all the details spelled out. No listening to the voicemail three times trying to figure out what the person is saying. You will also have their preferred contact method, phone numbers, etc., spelled out. Also it’s easier to organize/prioritize your messages looking at them on a screen. In short, the answering service is going to take care of all the clerical details. If you only get two or three calls a day, it’s probably not worth it. I’m talking about a higher volume. 

That’s an extremely compelling message from a landscape business owner. But what are the tangible business benefits you can expect for a purpose-built answering service solution?

At Voice Link of Columbus, we have the landscaper answering service technology and solutions that landscapers need. 

We have over 30 years of experience helping landscapers, just like you, streamline their operations, improve their customer service, and grow their bottom line. 

Your call volume might be high, medium, or low. But I think we would all agree that every call is important. You simply can’t afford to miss calls. And answering service technology might be just what you’re looking for. 

We asked our customers and our team what features they would want in the best answering service for landscapers.

Here are a few of the features we came up with: 

  • All calls are answered with your company name— and all callers are greeted by a live agent who knows how to prioritize all types of calls
  • Filter nuisance calls like “do you provide XYZ services”, etc.
  • Provide multiple, prioritized message notification platforms including text, email, paging, and mobile phone
  • Live answering on your schedule—up to 24X7 availability
  • Filter calls by priority and urgency
  • Optimize your time 
  • Prioritize your customer response times
  • Prioritize your callbacks
  • Volume-based pricing—perfect for seasonal business
  • Handle inbound, coverage, and rollover call volume
  • No more worrying about missed calls
  • Manage messages by priority in real-time—on your terms
  • You can get your work done—without unnecessary interruptions
  • Virtual receptionists schedule appointments and callbacks

Does that sound like a good start?

Business owners of all stripes can benefit from a live answering service. 

And it’s not just us saying that. We point out in a previous post that the product review giants at Gartner Group recently noted, “…when push comes to shove, nothing can replace a human on the other end of the line.”

But what about the specific benefits for landscapers? Have any of these things ever happened to you during a busy day?

  • You were too busy to answer an important customer call because you were too busy answering nuisance calls.
  • You missed an important call from your best client because you got stuck in the middle of a big job.
  • You missed an important call from a prospective new client because you were out of cell range.
  • You had to work with your earbuds in all day because you didn’t want to miss an important call. And you missed it anyway!
  • You listened to your voicemail at the end of a busy day, and most of them were hangups?
  • You couldn’t decipher a voicemail on your cell phone because it was too garbled?

Live receptionists, backup phone calls, emails, and text messages would have solved all of these problems.

There’s an old saying, “Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the ones you miss.”


We think we’ve developed the best answering service for landscapers. But we want you to tell us what you think! 

Virtual receptionists are your virtual human resources that use human intelligence, not artificial intelligence, to interact with your existing customers, soon-to-be new customers, and your team. These trained professionals are available 24×7, or whatever schedule your landscaping business requires. They’re ready to pick up the phone and provide live customer service when you need it. 

At Voice Link, we agree that nothing can replace a human on the other end of the line when it comes to critical, bidirectional customer messages. But we also value technology’s role in modern communications.

So how do you implement affordable virtual receptionist technology for landscapers?

This is the easy part. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, and takes about 30 minutes:

  1. Schedule a Consultation
  2. Build a Custom-Tailored Plan
  3. Launch Your Service

It’s time to stop missing those important calls and opportunities.

The team at Voice Link is here to help. We understand the demands and challenges landscapers face on a daily basis. Voice Link’s best answering service for landscapers can be a game-changer. Whether you need to improve your customer service, don’t want to miss any more incoming calls, or want to screen nuisance calls, we are the telephone answering service landscapers love and trust.

Call us today at (800) 262-2799, or get in touch with us online. Our experts are waiting for your call.