Find More Revenue In Your Business


Find More Revenue In Your Business

At Voice Link, we know the value of a call. Whether its a current customer who needs help, or a prospect shopping for services, answering the phone when it rings will help your business overall.

But what happens when we miss calls? You may not know how much money you may be missing out on when your phone goes unanswered. Below, we have created a calculator to outline how much revenue you may miss when calls go unanswered.

For Example, Jennifer is the owner of a local HVAC company. During her lunch hours, she doesn’t have anyone to cover the phones for her company. When her receptionist returns, she sees an average of 10 missed calls. One call can be up to $150 in potential revenue. This means Jennifer misses out on $1,500 of potential business per day.

Find More Revenue In Your Business

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