How Virtual Receptionists Can Help Businesses Post-COVID

Woman in headset communicating with customers of call center

Just as Zoom, Google Meets, and other virtual meeting spaces helped businesses get through the pandemic, in the post-COVID world, small businesses are still taking advantage of those cost-effective virtual tools over face-to-face and physical workspaces and people resources, including virtual receptionists. As more and more offices move permanently to remote workspaces, the need for…

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4 Ways Virtual Receptionists Can Save You Money

Woman at call center with saving money concept

Maybe you’ve considered hiring a virtual receptionist to help make sure your business never misses a call. But don’t just think about the cost of hiring a virtual receptionist; think about how much money they can save you. Here are 4 ways they can help increase your business’s bottom line.      A Virtual Receptionist Means…

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Phone Answering Services for Small Businesses


If you are a small business owner, you’re already wearing multiple hats. You’re doing it all from sales rep, customer service, office manager, marketer, and tech support. Even answering your phones—when you can. But when you can’t, you could be missing opportunities to grow your business. An answering service for small businesses could be the…

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How Live Receptionist Services Can Make Small Businesses Look Like A Big Deal

Woman smiling with headset on her head

Better, more personalized customer service comes from smaller businesses compared to bigger ones—at least that’s how 80% of American consumers feel. According to an American Express survey, consumers believe that smaller businesses place a greater emphasis on customer service and believe that smaller businesses value their purchases and their loyalty more than big businesses. That…

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Is It Time To Gather More Information About Live Answering Services?

Voice Link Hero Gather More Information About Live Answering Services

With wintry weather conditions moving in, as well as an increase in coronavirus cases across the country, businesses and organizations are considering shutting down to keep employees and customers safe. There’s never been a better time for a live answering service to ensure your business phones aren’t going unanswered. Voice Link’s live 24/7 virtual receptionists…

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How A Customer Service Answering Service Can Benefit Your Business

Voice Link Order Entry Services Mobile

Great customer service is vital for the success of any business. But, customer service often includes answering phones, which can take a toll on your employees, especially if they are juggling other important tasks. And, when your customer service team becomes overwhelmed by answering phones, your customer service suffers.  But, there is a solution! Hire…

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What’s The Perfect Answering Service For Plumbers?

Voice Link answering services for plumbers

We’re going to answer that question. But, if you’re in the plumbing business, we’re going to need your help.  Plumbing companies understand the need for customer-facing communications solutions.  At Voice Link of Columbus, we have the technology and solutions that plumbing companies need. We just need you to help us build the perfect solution for…

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