Improve Your Bottom Line with an Answering Service


If you are looking for a way to boost your business’s sales numbers, a good place to start is with the missed opportunities from missed phone calls. Whether you or your staff are out in the field, or you’re busy assisting another client, every time a call goes unanswered and rolls over to voicemail, there…

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4 Ways an HVAC Answering Service Can Get You Through The Busy Season

Your Voice Link - HVAC

With summer being the busiest time of year for HVAC businesses, we understand how challenging it can be managing techs and dispatchers, juggling a flurry of emergencies, and scheduling new clients—that is if they can get you on the phone. Don’t miss out on increased revenue opportunities because you can’t answer the phone. Consider an…

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Grow Your Small Business with a Live Answering Service

Voice Link - Live Answering Service for Small Businesses

At a time when many small businesses are experiencing a growth trend, it comes as no surprise that everyone on your team is probably wearing lots of hats. A live answering service could be just the solution your busy office needs so your team can focus on their most important objectives and your customers—or potential…

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How an Answering Service Can Help Your Business

Your Voice Link Virtual

Owning and growing a business is far from easy, and while “too much business is a good problem to have”, it’s still a problem. Hiring an answering service is an inexpensive and hassle-free solution for businesses that range from contractors to physicians. On the Line and On the Ball An answering service never sleeps –…

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Is An Answering Service Right for Handling Your Business Calls?

Your Voice Link Answering Service

Running a small to medium-sized business requires a great deal of time and effort – and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done – like returning voicemails and following up on appointment requests. That’s why a live telephone answering service like Voice Link is the perfect answer. Our…

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Fundamentals of a Customer Service Answering Service

Customer Service Agent Using Headset

An answering service is a cost-effective, simple, and reliable solution for meeting your customer service needs—no matter the size or nature of your business. Companies that invest in improving their customer’s experience have seen, on average, a 33% improvement in customer satisfaction. If you’ve never worked with an answering service before, you might not know…

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Why Every Business Needs To Hire A Virtual Receptionist

Voice Link - business virtual receptionist

There are so many benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist to manage your office phones or call center. Here are five benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist we think you’ll love.    Hiring a virtual receptionist is a cost-effective way to manage your phones. When you hire a virtual receptionist, it saves your company from…

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Why Small Businesses Need An Answering Service This Summer

Voice Link - Small Business Answering Service

In today’s world, people expect their needs to be taken care of ASAP. And, that includes customer service. But, small businesses often don’t have the manpower to be available for their customers 24/7/365. And, with summer coming up, small business employees will most likely be needing time off for vacations or wanting to spend some…

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Why Funeral Homes Need An Answering Service

Voice link - funeral answering service

Running a funeral home is a delicate line of work, and you and your staff must do everything you can to address the needs of your grieving clients.    Voice Link offers funeral answering services for funeral homes, so you can focus on what’s important: helping grieving families say goodbye to their loved ones.    …

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