4 Ways Answering Services Boost Georgia Medical Practices

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All across the state of Georgia, healthcare practices are turning to voice answering services in order to better serve their clients and grow their businesses. Healthcare practices — from large hospitals to small clinics — are seeing proof that prompt answering by a friendly, empathetic person beats voicemail every time. It shows your patients that you care and will be there for them when they need you, not just when it’s convenient.

1. Personalized Service, 24/7

Friendly, professional receptionists promptly answer all calls with a customized greeting, essentially becoming an extension of your practice. The receptionists are knowledgeable about each medical practice, and can filter calls based on low or high priority. The virtual receptionists can also handle emails, chats, and scheduling. Your patient-to-office communications are attended to regardless of the time of day or night.

2. Save Valuable Time and Expense

Some practices use virtual receptionists for after hours calls only, while others use an answering service to manage calls full-time. Either way, live voice answering services allow practices to save money without sacrificing quality. The monthly cost of hiring a voice answering service can be drastically less than the cost of paying salary and benefits for a traditional receptionist who isn’t available 24×7. And while virtual receptionists field calls, your staff is freed to focus on delivering health services without distraction.

3. Prompt Answering and Emergency Response

Medical practices must be able to respond to emergencies at all hours of the day or night, and an answering service offers 24/7 emergency response. Each practice can work with an answering service to establish what qualifies as an emergency and ensure representatives adhere to the specific guidelines set forth for urgent dispatch procedures.

4. Patient Privacy

Answering service receptionists will take the time to know your patients and your practice so that they are equipped with the best questions to ask and the right answers to give your patients. In addition, you have a moral and legal obligation to make sure that your patients’  information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Choose an answering service dedicated to training and certifying their receptionists to be HIPAA compliant so that your patients’ personal health information will be protected in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

If you’d like to discuss how virtual receptionists might serve your needs, contact Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. We offer month-to-month service agreements to meet the needs of any business regardless of size. Secure HIPAA/HiTech messaging, appointment scheduling, and customized communication solutions save you time and money while optimizing customer care. Our excellent reputation, expert staff, and state-of-the-art technology will exceed your expectations. Request information online or call us at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.

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