5 Customer Service Stats That Should Change The Way You Do Business

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Rising customer service expectations have been the trend to watch over the past several months. Consumers are expecting their customer service experiences to be better, quicker, and more thorough. That can be a hard combination to deliver, but the cost of not consistently delivering this level of customer service is alarming. Take a look at 5 customer service statistics that may change how you do business:

1> 54% of all customers have higher expectations for customer service today compared to a year ago. That statistic jumps to 66% for consumers 18 to 34 years old. Consumers are used to instant information and convenience today, so businesses must stay competitive by making it quick and easy for their customers to interact with them.

2> 67% switched to a different business more than once as a result of poor customer service, either online, on the phone, or in-person. The reasons those surveyed gave for switching after a bad customer experience include not being able to speak to a person on the phone, not being able to get clear answers, waiting on hold too long, and being redirected to too many agents.

3> 74% of people would choose another business after a negative phone experience with a business. Of those who had a bad phone experience with a business, 70% were likely to complain to friends and family and 30% were likely to leave a bad review online. How your business’s calls are handled matters tremendously.

4> 80% of callers will become repeat customers after a positive phone experience with a business. In addition, 60% are likely to spend more money on current or future purchases. Positive phone experiences that help customers feel valued solidify their loyalty to a business or brand.

5> 84% of organizations that worked to improve customer service saw an increase in revenue in 2017. An investment in customer service results in increased revenue through new customers and more sales. Great customer service yields more positive online reviews, which are key to attracting customers who are seeking a better customer service experience.

These 5 statistics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to measuring the importance of customer service in today’s competitive consumer-driven marketplace.

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