What To Say When It’s The Customer Who’s Wrong

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What To Say When It’s The Customer Who’s WrongAs we discussed in How To Handle The Top 3 Tricky Customer Support Scenarios, difficult customer service situations require grace and, quite often, professional training. This is certainly the case when a customer calls to complain about a service or product that’s not working properly. They’re often angry, frustrated, and ready to walk away if you don’t fix what’s wrong, and fast.

But what do you do and say when it’s actually the customer who’s doing something wrong? Shifting blame to them will likely escalate their anger, but somehow you need to help them see what they need to be doing differently so that your product or service serves their needs like you said it would.

Maybe they didn’t follow instructions properly or assembled parts in the wrong order, or they expected your product to zig when it’s clearly only designed to zag. Whatever the reason, explaining to a customer that they’re the one in the wrong is a delicate situation indeed, and one that must be handled calmly and professionally.

Here’s what to say:

  • First, never, ever blame the customer or indicate that it’s their fault. At the end of the day, customer errors reflect on your product instructions or customer support training.
  • Clarify the root of the issue by saying something like, “The problem appears to be coming from (name the mistake they’re making).”
  • Empathize with why they may have made that mistake, and thank them for bringing it to your attention. “I can see why you thought this way because those directions are a little confusing. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention because you’re probably not the only one, so we’ll get to work on making that matter more clear.”
  • Tell them exactly how to correct the mistake, and encourage them to call again should they ever have any questions about how to have the most success with your product in the future.

The objective of showing a customer how they’ve been doing something wrong is to kindly support them in learning how to use the product or service correctly. It’s also important to thank them for reaching out to fix the situation because we all know they could have just as easily abandoned your product and moved on to one that they thought might be easier to use.

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