Why You Need An Answering Service In The Winter

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Power outages, ice- and snow-covered roads, and dangerous temperatures can greatly impact your business operations during the winter months. Is your business prepared to deal with these unique weather challenges? With Voice Link’s live answering, customer service call center, order entry, and secure messaging services, we can help you avoid the disruptions and downtime associated with severe weather.

For more than 30 years, we have provided professional virtual receptionist services to businesses and service providers of all sizes and industries. Our expertise and leading-edge technology lets us be there for your customers when you and your employees cannot. We are located in Columbus, Georgia, our temperatures are milder, but even if inclement weather did find us here, we have plans in place to ensure you see no disruption in your live answering service. Here’s how we solve winter weather challenges for these businesses. We can do the same for yours!

Live Answering For: Transportation and Trucking

A truck driver’s day is often round-the-clock, and bad weather can make it even longer by causing delays from accidents and road and interstate closures. Long after the fleet manager has gone home, Voice Link’s live answering service can provide support and delay updates to ensure your customers aren’t kept waiting and your business continues to operate without interruption.

Virtual Receptionists for: Plumbers and HVAC

Service providers are in high demand during the winter, and that is especially so for plumbers and HVAC contractors who respond to consumer emergencies like bursting pipes and heat and furnace inefficiencies. Voice Link answers your phone calls 24/7/360, filtering emergency and non-emergency calls and providing emergency dispatching so you can keep your customers safe and warm when they need it the most.

Live Answering Services for: Health Care Providers

Extreme weather can happen overnight without much warning to notify patients or employees of an office closure. When you have to close your office last minute and after hours, Voice Link’s live answering service can help relay office closures and help with appointment cancellations. Our professional, highly trained agents are also HIPAA / HITECH compliant. For physicians who can’t make it to the office when roads are not safe, we offer a mobile HIPAA-compliant Secure Messaging App to help you keep your digital communications confidential. The app securely emails or sends text messages to your iPhone or Android devices, replacing or supplementing paging technology.

Essential Workers

Some sectors rely heavily on their workers to keep their business up and running in the communities they live and serve. If your workers are deemed essential, winter weather can affect their commutes, delaying arrival times, or forcing them to call out altogether. With our live answering services, we can be there when they can’t answer the phones, set appointments, or assist with order entry.

When inclement weather hits, Voice Link knows how to meet the challenges you face, no matter what type of business. Our Live Answer Services can:

  • Keep you and your employees safe.
  • Keep you posted on employee call-outs.
  • Keep your operations up and running.
  • Keep your customers happy.

Find The Best Business Answering Service Plan For Your Business

With 24/7 availability and experienced live customer service specialists, let Voice Link help you keep your business open during inclement weather. Shop our plans, check out our pricing options, or give us a call at (706) 391-4623 for a free consultation.