Are You Turning Away 74% Of Your Customers?

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Despite technology advances with email, texting, and social media postings, the phone call remains the foundation of business transactions. People still—and always will—rely on direct human connection and conversation to make decisions about which products or services to invest in. Whether people call a business for information, to get help with an issue, or to make an appointment or place an order, how their phone call is handled makes all the difference in what they do next. In fact, a recent Invoca study shows that after a negative phone experience with a business—

  • 74% of people are likely to choose another business
  • 70% are likely to complain to friends and family
  • 30% are likely to leave a bad review

A negative or bad phone call experience isn’t limited to rude receptionists, either.

  • 49% of callers say being put on hold is one of their top annoyances.
  • 53% said they’d only wait five minutes or less.
  • Only 15% are willing to wait on hold for more than 15 minutes.
  • Having to repeat information to more than one person, or not reaching a live person at all, were also top irritants that turned callers away.

Now for the good news. After a positive phone experience with a business—

  • 80% of callers will become repeat customers.
  • 60% are likely to spend more money on current or future purchases.

It’s clear that phone calls are often the tipping point for who customers do business with, and for how long. Take the time to honestly evaluate how your customer’s calls are being handled.

Are they falling into the 74% of calls that leave customers angry, frustrated, or just plain put-off enough to take their money—and loyalty—elsewhere? Likewise, are you losing out on 53% of the opportunity to connect with customers who may have been interested in doing business with you but hung up after being put on hold for five minutes?

Or, are your customers enjoying a positive phone experience that inspires them to become loyal, repeat customers? Are they feeling valued by knowing that their calls are important enough to be answered promptly by a friendly professional who is dedicated to helping them with whatever needs they have?

How your calls are handled can either build or break the reputation of your business, and a live answering service can be the partner you need to keep and gain customers, not lose them. Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. can help you deliver the service your customers deserve by managing your calls whenever you need— during peak hours, after business hours, or 24/7 around the clock.

With an 82% referral rate, Voice Link provides live answering services that will exceed your expectations and will please your customers. Our monthly plans contain no hidden fees and are tailored to suit your unique needs. Request information online or call us at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.


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