Electricians: Holiday Season Answering Service

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‘Tis the season for those spectacular light shows, two-story Christmas trees, warm and toasty heat piping through the vents, and the soon-to-be unwrapped electronic gadgets and appliances that put us all in good spirits. It’s no wonder U.S. holiday lights use up more electricity than some countries do in an entire year! But everything plugged in and running all at once can lead to homes going dark—and your phone ringing off the hook after business hours.

Don’t let the influx of after-hours calls about power surges and blown circuits dampen the holiday mood for you and your electricians. Let Voice Link’s team of live answering agents for electricians answer the phones for you.

With Voice Link’s holiday season phone answering service for electricians, you and your employees can rest assured that you’ll never miss an incoming call while you are enjoying your festivities and family.

Since December is one of the leading months for U.S. home fires, we know it’s important that you don’t miss a call this time of year. With common electrical issues during the holidays like flickering lights, sparking outlets, non-functioning appliances, and heat systems, some may be caused by faulty wiring or over-taxed circuits, requiring immediate attention.

When you shift your holiday season phone answering to our answering service, we don’t just take calls. Our USA-based agents are dedicated members of your team whose goal is to improve your customer’s experience—even after hours. Here’s what you’ll get:

Live On-Call Answering

Our professionally trained virtual receptionists answer your incoming calls live, with your company name, and follow the script, according to your instructions.

24/7/365 Hours Service

We never stop answering. Our holiday season phone answering services for electricians operate around the clock, so you can finish up your current job and head off to do some holiday shopping afterward.

Rollover Calls during Peak Hours

Your call volume probably increases during the holidays, leaving you struggling to answer the phone while you’re in the middle of a service call. Voice Link can catch those calls during peak or lunch hours, so your clients don’t end up in voicemail.

Appointment Scheduling

We can set and change appointments for you, so you don’t have to interrupt your service call and pull up your appointment calendar.

Emergency Response

If a client’s heat goes out from faulty wiring or if their circuit breakers fail during the holidays, they need emergency service. We’ll notify you immediately through the protocol of your choice: text, email, phone call, or paging.

Find Your Plan

Our 24/7 holiday phone answering services save you time and money, increasing productivity and your bottom line so you and your electricians can focus on helping your customers safely navigate their unique needs this season. Shop our plans, find more revenue, or give us a call at (706) 391-4623 for a free consultation.