How Virtual Receptionists Can Help Businesses Post-COVID

Woman in headset communicating with customers of call center

Just as Zoom, Google Meets, and other virtual meeting spaces helped businesses get through the pandemic, in the post-COVID world, small businesses are still taking advantage of those cost-effective virtual tools over face-to-face and physical workspaces and people resources, including virtual receptionists.

As more and more offices move permanently to remote workspaces, the need for a traditional receptionist sitting behind a desk is no longer there. Now, for many businesses, it’s more cost-effective to outsource to a virtual receptionist.

Here are six reasons a Voice Link’s Virtual Receptionist can be a benefit to your business in a post-COVID environment.

  1. Saves You Money

The average salary of a receptionist in the U.S. is approximately $36,000 a year, plus figures in benefits, paid time off, and vacation. Not to mention the physical overhead of a computer, office supplies, and office furniture. And, when you partner with Voice Link for your virtual receptionist needs, you pay only when you need the receptionist with one of our convenient service packages.

  1. Reduces Voice Mail and Automated Message Systems

Voice Link’s virtual receptionists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. That means even after your office closes, your customers can still get a live, professional person on the other end of the phone. Your customers will be happy they didn’t go to voice mail!

  1. Frees Up Your Time

By outsourcing to Voice Link’s virtual receptionists, you don’t have to spend your time and efforts on finding, hiring, and training a receptionist. You never have to worry about employee turnover and starting the process all over again.

  1. Resolves Customer Inquiries Quickly

Our virtual receptionists are an extension of your business. They’re trained to meet your unique business standards and are highly capable of resolving customer inquiries as they come in and directing them to the right department or individual.  

  1. Provides Clear Communication and Support

Our team of virtual receptionists is 100% U.S.A. based. They are professional, courteous, compassionate, and experienced in representing your business. Our agents are held to the highest performance standards and monitored through our proprietary tracking program.

  1. Does More than Provide Phone Coverage

Our quality, highly trained virtual receptionists can also schedule appointments, enter and process orders, filter emergency and non-emergency calls, qualify sales leads, provide dispatch, and much, much more.  


Voice Link is here to answer the call! Request a Quote today or you can fill out our survey to find the plan that’s right for you.