How to Keep Your Patients Happy After Hours

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This day and age of fast-paced technology that delivers instant answers can be challenging to medical providers who are striving to provide the best patient care. Patients expect personal customer service and quick answers to questions about their medical concerns. They also expect to receive care and attention if those concerns are urgent, whether it’s day or night. That’s why Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. knows how crucial it is to equip medical providers with exceptional live answering services, 24/7.

No matter the time of day or night, patients prefer to speak with live receptionists, especially in the case of an emergency. There’s nothing more frustrating for a patient who’s in need of immediate attention than getting an answering service with a long list of options for which number to press depending on the nature of their call. Medical emergencies are frightening for patients or those who are caring for them, and wondering when their call will be returned only escalates the fear. A live answering service can quickly connect patients to the doctor or provider without any delay.

The right answering service will get to know your practice and your priorities. The operators will greet each caller promptly and professionally, and will know which calls you consider urgent and which team member needs to be immediately contacted. Conversely, the live operators will know which calls are not urgent, such as if a patient is calling about directions or refills. All calls will be recorded and logged, and your team will receive the call log the next morning. Any questions that weren’t urgent and that the operator wasn’t able to address can be returned then.

Live answering service agents are also rigorously trained in HIPAA regulations, and all operators are required to pass the HIPAA test each year. This ensures that all guidelines are always met, and your patients’ information is safely secure at all times. Voice Link also offers a secure communication app that lets care-providers text patient information without putting patient PHI at risk. This app allows the provider to send secure messages to other providers or all members of their group. The provider can also attach their dictation right on that message using this app, and the message can be downloaded right into the patient’s electronic health records.

How your calls are handled reflects on the reputation of your business, and using the right call center can make the difference between losing and keeping a patient. Knowing that you care enough to provide full attention 24/7 while keeping their medical information confidential keeps your patients happy. And happy patients bring in new patients. A moderate up-front investment in a high-tech live virtual answering service is a wise addition to any customer retention program.

Voice link offers 26 years of experience in Medical Answering Services and provides live answering services that exceed your expectations. Request information online or call us at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.

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