Meeting Your Customers’ Needs – Answering The Call After 5:00 And Beyond

Voice Link - Answering your customers' needs

Did you know an answering service can take your company’s calls around-the-clock, even when you are closed or when people are away from their desks? And, having someone to answer your calls 24/7 can go a long way for your business.


5 Reasons To Hire An Answering Service For 24/7 Phone Coverage


  1. An answering service can handle all the calls you get after hours, even emergencies.

Plus, most answering services, including Voice Link, can filter emergency and non-emergency calls, so your business will be notified of important calls ASAP.


  1. You won’t have to worry about call forwarding.

Many businesses have systems in place where all calls that come in after hours are forwarded to one employee. This can be overwhelming, especially when the calls being forwarded are non-emergency calls. An answering service, like Voice Link, takes the pressure off of your staff and handles all after hour calls. We can even set your phone system up so that after a certain number of rings, your calls are forwarded to us. That way you won’t miss any calls after hours or even during the day when your employees step away from their desks.


  1. Missed calls can have a negative impact on your company.

Missed calls can actually hurt your company. For one thing, missed calls can cause your current customers to become unhappy with your services, which can lead to them going to a competitor.


Secondly, missed calls can lead to missed revenue opportunities because your leads might turn to your competitors instead if you don’t answer their call the first time they reach out to you.


When you let an answering service, like Voice Link, take care of your calls 24/7, your current customers are assured that they are always being taken care of, and your leads will be captured around-the-clock, so you don’t miss the opportunity to turn that lead into a customer.


  1. Around-the-clock phone coverage makes a great impression.

When your customers know that someone is always there to take their calls, they will trust that they can count on your business. This goes a long way to making a great impression on both current customers and even potential ones. And, current customers that have a great impression of your business will continue to purchase your products and services. And, potential leads that get a great impression of your business are more likely to become new customers.


  1. Around-the-clock phone coverage can benefit your employees.

Utilizing an answering service, like Voice Link, takes the pressure of managing the phones off of your employees. This way they can focus on other important tasks you might need them to tackle.


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