How Property Managers Manage With Answering Services

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Property managers are constantly juggling many tasks. If they’re not showing apartments, condos or houses to potential renters, they’re responding to calls from tenants who are requesting maintenance. Or they are making arrangements with service providers such as landscapers, painters, and plumbers.

Property managers are so busy managing the many aspects of the business that they seldom have time to answer the phone. But missed phone calls could mean missed opportunities for showing a property and signing a lease. And of course missing a call from a tenant in distress could have serious consequences.

That’s why the most competitive property managers partner with live answering services so that each call is answered by a professional, friendly receptionist. Answering service receptionists help keep the manager on top of tasks by distinguishing whether a call concerns a security issue or a service issue.

For example, if a tenant calls in the middle of the night regarding an alarming noise on the property grounds, receptionists will alert the security personnel immediately. And if a tenant calls to report a slowly leaking faucet that’s not an emergency, the receptionists will alert the service technicians during business hours.

No matter the nature of the call, answering service receptionists handle all calls according to the property manager’s priorities and specifications, delivering only emergency messages to on-call staff after hours. And each caller is greeted promptly by a courteous receptionist who reassures them that their business is valued and that their needs have been heard and will be attended to.

Answering services help property managers with multiple tasks, such as:

  • Apartment and rental service calls
  • Scheduling appointments
  • After-hours security issues
  • After-hours maintenance emergencies
  • Dispatching contractors

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