4 Misperceptions About Answering Services That Are Keeping You In The Dark

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There was once a day when you probably had doubts about embracing a new business tool or technology, thinking that the risks would surely outweigh the rewards. Later, after you’d made the leap, you wondered why you ever hesitated in the first place and how you functioned without that tool or technology.

Usually, it’s our misperceptions that hold us back and keep our businesses—and therefore our customers—in the dark. It’s no different with answering services. And when business owners realize their assumptions about answering services are false, they can benefit in ways they hadn’t even envisioned. Here are the top misperceptions about live call answering services.

My Business Is Too Small

One of the most common misperceptions is that answering services or call centers are just for big businesses that have booming call volumes. In fact, a live telephone answering service can give a small practice a big advantage when it comes to providing customer care, 24/7, with staffing and technology that small business owners struggle to cover in-house. A courteous live operator acts as an extension of your business, and your customers don’t even realize they’re not talking with an in-house staff member. The right answering service can be the catalyst needed for a smaller business to expand to a larger client base.

An Answering Service Doesn’t Do Anything I Can’t Do

Live answering service agents can do a lot more for your business than answer your phones and either transfer the call or take a message. With customized scripts and training about your business, agents can operate as a courteous and professional first line of customer service for your business, answer frequently asked questions and schedule appointments. Plus, a live agent will know which calls are urgent and need to be quickly directed to the appropriate staff member. This is crucial after business hours, especially for healthcare businesses and on-call service agencies such as plumbers, heating and cooling businesses, or funeral homes.

My Customers Will Be Talking To Someone In India

While it’s true that some call centers outsource their work overseas, it’s far from the truth that all live answering services do. For example, at Voice Link of Columbus, Inc., we only employ U.S. based virtual receptionists who speak English clearly and professionally, and who operate locally from our facility in Columbus, Georgia. We also hire bilingual Spanish/English speaking operators to ensure that each customer has the peace of mind in knowing that they are being heard and taken care of professionally.

It Costs Too Much

Pricing is one of the most common misperceptions on two fronts. First, business owners assume an answering service will cost more than an in-house receptionist, which is wrong. Answering services offer prompt 24//7 coverage at typically a fraction of the cost employing a staff member who also requires benefits and holidays. Second, business owners often assume that automated voicemail services are cheaper, and hiring an answering service with live operators must be pricey. However, many live answering services offer extremely competitive rates. Plus, research has shown that nearly 35% of callers hang up when they receive voice mail or are being routed through automated caller options. Those hang-ups could be costing you business.

Answering services with live receptionists ensure your callers receive the attention they deserve, 24/7, which is an investment in your business growth. An answering service just might be the tool that your business finally needs to deliver exceptional customer care and increase profits.

At Voice Link of Columbus, Inc., we offer month-to-month service agreements to meet the needs of any business regardless of size. Secure HIPAA/HiTech messaging, appointment scheduling, and customized communication solutions save you time and money while optimizing customer care. Our excellent reputation, expert staff, and state-of-the-art technology will exceed your expectations. Request information online or call us at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.

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