How To Convince Your Boss To Hire An Answering Service

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If you’re spending any significant portion of your workday answering business calls, chances are you’ve wondered how much more you could get done if someone else could manage the calls. Maybe you’ve even suggested to your boss that hiring an answering service might be a worthwhile business investment. You’d be right about that, and here’s evidence that you can take to your boss.  

Morten Hansen, a management professor at the University of California at Berkeley and former manager at Boston Consulting Group, wrote the book Great at Work: How Top Performers Do Less, Work Better, and Achieve More. To explore how the most successful people work, he and his team began a study in 2011 to track the daily work habits of 5,000 people. These workers spanned all levels of companies in numerous industries with various job functions, such as lawyers, IT programmers, foremen, sales reps, etc.

While he found that longer hours do improve job performance, that was only true to a point. After around 50 to 65 hours per week, job performance actually begins to decline. It’s no surprise that Hansen found that the secret to optimal job performance is to get more value out of the hours you put in.

The top performers in Hansen’s studies did fewer tasks but focused on them more. They chose a few important priorities and focused their attention on doing them extremely well. Less productive employees spread themselves too thin and weren’t able to dedicate sufficient attention to do any task really well.  

So, if you’re spending time answering calls that are distracting you from focusing on profit-making tasks, this is a good time to talk to your supervisor or boss about why hiring an answering service will help your entire staff.

Explain that you’re not disregarding customers by focusing on fewer tasks. Instead, you are improving productivity in key profit-making areas by prioritizing what you do best. Meanwhile, as you and other staff members maximize job performance, the professionally trained receptionists at a live answering service will handle all incoming calls, 24/7 if need be. Ultimately, your customers will be better attended to and your company will save valuable time and money.

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