Happy Clients Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

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The phrase “put your money where your mouth is” sure is relevant in today’s world of online reviews and referrals. Consumers of virtually any product or service are more willing than ever to leave positive or negative reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, to name a few.

In What Does A Referral Rate Really Indicate? we mentioned that a Harvard Business Review study revealed that a customer’s willingness to refer a service or product to someone else was the strongest indicator of their loyalty, even above their rating of satisfaction. And it’s loyal customers who are more likely to leave a positive review and refer a product or service to their friends and family.

At Voice Link of Columbus, Inc., we’re proud to have an 82% referral rate from our clients. Here’s what a few of them have had to say about working with us:

“Love this company. Awesome service and great people on the other end of the line. Great addition to our team.”
— Aretha R., Google review

“Best answering service we’ve ever used by far. They do an excellent job every day. Never any complaints from our patients or physicians. Thank you so much.”
— Connie P., Facebook review

“I have used Voice Link for my Telephone Answering Service for as long as I can remember. They are very attentive to your needs and have a friendly Staff that is willing to go above and beyond. They also adapt to meet the Customer’s needs. We don’t just think of Joann Fussell & Voice Link as our answering service. We think of them as a Business Partner and Our Friends.”
— Jimmy H., Alignable review

“This is an awesome service for our community and the businesses in our area. Friendly, reliable and professional service. You never have to miss a call again.”
— Patricia F., Facebook review

“JoAnn is the bomb. She and the Voice Link staff have always been shrewd and hard working so they always give the very best customer service. JoAnn is no-nonsense and she gives 110 percent.”
— Erin O., Facebook review

At Voice Link, we make clients like these happy by becoming an extension of their company. Our professional call representatives use custom scripts and screens according to their call answering specifications, assuming their company’s image anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customer service and state-of-the-art call center enables us to provide local telephone answering services for local and national companies, giving our clients the competitive advantage of a local personalized service with national support.

The professional receptionists at Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. have been rigorously trained to represent your business as if it’s their own and to provide live answering services that will exceed your expectations. In fact, we may make your customers so happy that they post positive reviews about your business.

Aside from answering all calls promptly and professionally, our skilled operators can help run your business more efficiently by scheduling appointments, taking orders or reservations, offering technical support, screening job candidates, or managing CRM.

Customized communication solutions, secure messaging, and appointment scheduling will save you time and money while increasing customer loyalty. Voice Link offers month-to-month service agreements to meet your unique needs, with no hidden fees. Our excellent reputation, expert staff, and state-of-the-art technology will exceed your expectations. Request information online or call us at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.