What is a Live Answering Service?

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Business is booming, and your phones are ringing off the hook. You wouldn’t complain. However, there does seem to be a problem. The two receptionists you’ve hired to organize patient records, fax prescriptions, respond to emails, bill insurance companies, AND answer the phones are only doing one thing: answering the phones. While booking appointments are certainly important to growing your medical practice, everything else that’s not complete is important too. You need another set of hands, but after crunching some numbers, you decided that hiring a new receptionist just to answer calls is not a wise use of resources.While searching online for a solution, you stumble upon a live answering service business. You remember talking with a fellow doctor at a conference last year who said good things about the agency he had recently hired. You continue reading…

If your volume of incoming calls has surpassed your capacity to handle them and you don’t want to hire additional office staff, a live answering service might be right for you. A live answering service will provide your patients with the same customer service as your receptionist, but virtually. A live answering service can do everything from answering phone calls, taking messages, booking appointments, setting reminders, and even following up with patients.

Live answering services even offer around the clock coverage, which means your patients will receive the same compassionate care after hours as they do when your office is open. From connecting emergency calls with the on-call doctor to taking a message for a morning response, a live answering service can help your medical practice run smoothly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only is this beneficial for your patients and their families, but it also allows you to unplug from the day-to-day stress of running a business and reconnect with yours. With a live answering service, you’ll finally be able to enjoy free time again and get a full night’s sleep since who knows when.

While the services described above are offered by the majority of live answering services, some live answering services go above and beyond to make running a medical practice as stress-free as possible. For example, Voice Link offers doctors a mobile app that will protect your patients and your practice with a new compliant and secure two-way messaging option that is sure to boost response times and patient satisfaction. Learn more.

Keep in mind that all live answering services are not the same. Be sure to do your own competitor research, read testimonials, look up online reviews, and even ask for a client recommendation. The live answering service you choose will reflect your medical practice (and yourself!), so you’ll want to hire one you feel confident standing behind.

To learn more about the live answering service options we offer medical practices, click here or contact us.

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