How To Make A “No” Still Feel Like A “Yes”

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Rules have changed when it comes to how consumers choose products and remain loyal to those brands. Online reviews on social media and sites like Yelp or Google are influencing today’s consumers just as much as word-of-mouth referrals from neighbors and friends. With the heightened competition, you’d think that consumers might expect companies to say yes to any and all requests. That may be true, but of course, it’s not realistic, either.

Sure, we’d all like to offer an enthusiastic “Yes!” when a customer requests a service, product, or special consideration, but there are times that’s just not possible. However, when the answer is “No,” the way it’s delivered can still feel like a “Yes,” and that can make all the difference in customer satisfaction and retention.

For example, if a customer calls a plumbing business and requests same-day service for a slowly dripping faucet, chances are strong that the service technicians are fully booked for the day, and are probably dealing with more urgent issues. However, the customer can still be reassured that their concerns are heard and their business is valuable.

First of all, speaking with a live receptionist rather than leaving a voicemail is a solid step towards putting them at ease. Rather than wondering when, or if, a voicemail will be returned, the customer can be put at ease by a friendly receptionist who a) hears their request and b) reassures them about the next action step.

Although the answer is “No, we can’t accommodate your request today,” the response can be more affirmative. For example, the receptionist might say, “Thank you for calling us about your dripping faucet, Mr. Jones. I can imagine that’s annoying. Our crew is currently fixing issues for other customers today, but I know they’ll want to take a look at your faucet at their earliest convenience so I will have your request waiting for them when they check in at the end of the day. Now, can I get your information so that we can get back to you this evening or tomorrow morning about scheduling a service visit?

Although the customer’s request for same-day service wasn’t met and their problem wasn’t solved immediately, the receptionist still was able to leave a positive, helpful impression by hearing the concern and reassuring them that the request would be addressed as soon as possible.

A customer who hears “I can understand” and “We can fix this for you as soon as possible” is more likely to be patient than one who hears “I’m not sure when we’ll be able to get back to you,” or who hears nothing at all besides a voicemail message. The caller is much more likely to consider this a positive customer service experience rather than a negative one, even if his problem wasn’t solved immediately.

Making a “no” feel like a “yes” makes the difference in providing excellent customer service, and is the key to building loyalty. The receptionists at live answering services are trained to deliver this type of exceptional customer service so that your customers feel valued and attended to—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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