3 Advantages Of Hiring A Local Answering Service

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There are many considerations when choosing an answering service, and many people start by asking whether they should choose a local or a national service. It’s a good place to start, particularly considering that accents and language can quickly become barriers to clear communication if the caller and call representative are in different parts of the country, or the world for that matter. Here are 3 advantages to take into account if you’re considering hiring a local answering service:

1: In-Person Evaluation

Many times consumers choose an answering service based on information they find online, starting with the answering service’s website. While helpful, websites fall short of showing what it actually looks and sounds like inside a call center or answering service.

When you choose a local answering service you have the option to visit their facility to get a sense of how things operate and the level of employee enthusiasm. If the environment is chaotic it could be an indication that the quality of services you’d receive may be, too. A visit to a local answering service would also allow you to meet with the person or people who will be handling your calls on a day-to-day basis.

2: Face-To-Face Customer Service When Needed

In addition, the local advantage comes in handy when it comes to setting up the answering service or troubleshooting any glitches along the way. A representative from the service can come to your office to show your staff everything they need to know to get the most out of using the answering service.

Plus, if you’re unsure of how often you need an answering service or which options you should sign up for, a visit from a representative of the answering service can make all the difference. After getting a clear sense of how your office runs and what your challenges are, the call center representative can make more informed suggestions and recommendations for how best to use their services.

3: Local Knowledge

When the answering service call representatives are members of your community, they can relate to your callers more than any other call agent could. A local call representative has knowledge about location-specific issues, like traffic, weather, and community events that may be impacting your customers on any given day.  

Call representatives who live and work in your community know what’s happening in the area, which makes it easier for them to help you and your customers. In essence, they are more like helpful neighbors than strangers. Plus, the agents are more likely to “sound like” your customers, with similar accents and dialects, which makes for clearer communication and connection.

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