3 Surprising Tasks Virtual Receptionists Can Do For Medical Providers


The benefits of working with virtual receptionists at a live answering service are numerous for healthcare and medical providers. Some medical providers think that virtual receptionists simply answer calls and take messages. While this is a core service they provide, virtual receptionists can help healthcare practices operate efficiently in many other ways. Here are just 3 ways an answering service helps those in the medical field:

24/7 Presence For Patients

Yes, virtual receptionists answer calls and take messages, but the extent of this goes much deeper. With a healthcare live answering service, patients are greeted promptly by professional virtual receptionists who answer the phone with the name of their doctor’s practice, any time of the time of day or night. Patients have peace of mind knowing that someone will always be on the other end of the line when they reach out.

Virtual receptionists can handle a higher call volume and answer phones 24/7, and cost substantially less than employing someone to do the same job in person. The practice is spared the cost of benefits, employee taxes, or overhead expenses of an in-office receptionist, with call answering around the clock. Virtual receptionists work from a remote location at an answering service or call center and use software that’s linked to the medical practice’s computer and phone system so that incoming calls are routed to the operators.

Patients typically don’t know that the person on the other end of the line isn’t actually in the practice’s office. They feel cared for when their calls are answered, rather than being shuttled through voicemail prompts or put on hold for long periods of time.  

Convenient Call Screening

Virtual receptionists can screen calls so that doctors and staff members are only notified of urgent issues or matters that need further attention.

Based on the practice’s priorities, calls are carefully screened so that if a call is urgent, the virtual receptionist directs it to the on-call doctor via phone or text. The virtual receptionists are notified when the message is read and can escalate communication efforts if the message isn’t read in a timely manner. If a call is not urgent, the patient’s question is answered courteously and professionally, and a message is forwarded to the practice for follow up if needed.

Staff Support & Scheduling

The virtual receptionists at a professionally trained, HIPAA-compliant answering service can provide staff support by gathering patients’ information prior to their first visit. They can also answer questions about insurance or what to expect for certain office visits or procedures, and help patients with billing and payment inquiries.

By accessing a practice’s online calendar management program, virtual receptionists can schedule, change, or cancel appointments for patients. Updates are immediately provided to doctors and staff so that they can plan accordingly. Virtual receptionists can also make outbound calls to remind patients about appointments, which boosts a practice’s efficiency.

These are just three ways that virtual receptionists at a live answering service can help medical practices operate as efficiently as possible. How your calls are handled reflects on the reputation of your practice, and using the right answering service can make the difference between losing or keeping a patient. Knowing that you care enough to provide full attention 24/7 while keeping their information confidential keeps your patients happy, which grows your practice.

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