3 Ways A Call Answering Service Leaves Your Customers Smiling

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Today’s customers have the world at their fingertips—at least when it comes to finding information. Online websites and reviews help consumers research how and where to purchase everything from products like computers or cars and services such as medical or legal care.

However, what today’s customers don’t always have—yet is really what they want most once they’ve gathered information—is a connection with a live representative who can help them take the next step.

An American Express Survey revealed that nearly 70% of customers will hang up if they’re calling a business and are put on hold or receive voicemail rather than being greeted by a live person. Because of this, call answering services are becoming increasingly necessary tools for businesses to not only respond to customers promptly but to also deliver consistent and professional service that leaves each customer smiling.

They Set the Tone

Operators at an answering service are trained to listen to your clients carefully—regardless of the time of day or night—and to ask the right questions and give accurate answers. Because call answering services have both the staffing and advanced technology, every caller is greeted by a live operator, 24/7. No call is missed, and no customers are left irritated by voicemail or a long hold time.

They Direct the Conversation

Operators at call answering services are professionally trained to determine how to direct each call. By courteously answering each call with the name of your business, operators are able to quickly convey to customers that they are valued and are in good, competent hands. A call answering service receptionist acts as an extension of your business and both gathers and gives pertinent information to either answer the customer’s question or to pass the request along to the correct staff member for the quickest resolution.

They Take Action

Call answering service operators are trained to know the priorities of your business so that they are able to quickly determine which calls are urgent and need to be immediately directed to the appropriate staff member based on your protocols and schedule. Whether their call is urgent or not, each caller is reassured that their request or concern has been heard and recorded, and will be responded to as promptly as possible. They will be told when a staff member will likely be contacting them, or will be told which action steps they need to take next.

Call answering center operators take the guesswork out of the conversation so that your customers aren’t left wondering where they stand or what might happen next. This peace of mind builds loyalty, which is what builds the strongest businesses—and that leaves everyone smiling.

If you’d like to discuss how an answering service might enhance your customer satisfaction, contact Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. We offer month-to-month service agreements to meet the needs of any business regardless of size. Secure HIPAA/HiTech messaging, appointment scheduling, and customized communication solutions save you time and money while optimizing customer care. Our excellent reputation, expert staff, and state-of-the-art technology will exceed your expectations. Request information online or call us at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.

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