6 Winning Phrases For Customer Support – Part II

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As we discussed in 6 Winning Phrases For Customer Support – Part I, clear and consistent communication is the foundation of great customer service.

When your customers are confident they’ll be taken care of by a friendly and competent customer support representative, they feel valued and much are more likely to remain loyal to your service or product.

The key is in the art of communication, so here are 3 more proven phrases to help you win over customer satisfaction.

“Here’s what we’ll do to help you.”

When you say “Here’s what we’ll do to help you—whether to find an answer, send a replacement, or schedule a service call—you’re reassuring the customer that their need has been heard and an identifiable action will be taken to assist them.

Tell them specifically what you’ll do, such as, “Excellent question, let me check with our support guru so I can get that answered for you.” Or in the case of the internet outage mentioned in Part I, “Let me look up the estimated time for repair, and we can also send you a message when it has been restored.” Tell them when they should expect to get their answer or a resolution to the problem — by the end of the day? Within 24 hours? And tell them how they’ll be notified— by a phone call or email or text? Be specific so they know what to expect, and when.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention! It’s important to us.”

Most customers will switch to a competing company rather than speak up about an unsatisfactory experience, so many times you’ll never know just why a customer hit the door.  However, on their way out that door, they’re likely to tell their friends about their negative experience and may post a poor review on social media.

Tell them you are grateful they reached out to report a problem and attempt to find a solution, and then start with the winning phrases, “I’m sorry to hear that. I’d be frustrated, too,” and “I’m happy to help.” 

What else can I help you with?

This is a simple one, but it’s a closing question that helps the customer feel that their concerns have been valued and the person they’ve connected with is willing to take more time to go the extra step. The invitation for a customer to ask for any further requests or air any other grievances gets everything on the table so that communications can remain clear and positive. And of course if the customer says, “Nothing else today, thanks,” then they feel their requests have been met and their job here is done, which is satisfying.

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