Does Your Telephone Answering Service Meet This Criteria?

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Answering services these days make a lot of claims, just like any business that’s trying to sell its services. But not all answering services are alike, and, unfortunately, not all are reputable. Most telephone answering services are good at telling you how good they are, but they’re not able to prove—or disprove—it until you’re weeks or months deep into a contract.

Some services merely answer for your business, but others become a part of your business. You come to count on their reliability and professionalism just as much as you do your most valued employees—because, essentially, that’s what an excellent answering service becomes.

This is the criteria by which VoiceLink of Columbus, Inc. measures our performance, and if you’re considering hiring an answering service, you should too!

  • Can you tell by the sound of the ring that you had reached an answering service?
  • Did you reach a voicemail recording or a live operator?
  • When you called your answering service’s customer service department, did they call you back on the same day?
  • Did the receptionist have the same pleasing phone personality that you would hire for an employee in your office? Because remember, that is exactly what you are doing.

These are the basic criteria your answering service should provide. Beyond that, keep your standards high that you’re not hiring “just an answering service.” Your goal is to partner with a full-service telecommunications company that’s equipped with the most advanced telephone and message delivery technology, and staffed with professionally trained receptionists who are available 24/7.

Remember, not all answering services are the same. Look for one that meets the criteria above, and then check them out first. Ask if they offer a free trial period, and ask for referrals from clients they serve that are in industries similar to yours.

Don’t settle for an answering service that just tells you how good they are; make them prove it. VoiceLink of Columbus, Inc., will prove it to you with referrals, testimonials, and a free trial of one month to test our services, with no strings, no commitments, no expectations. All the risk is on us, and you’ve got nothing to lose.

At Voice Link of Columbus, Inc., we know that the way your calls are handled reflects the reputation of your business and that using the right answering service can grow your business while keeping your customers happy. Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. provides live answering services that exceed your expectations. We’re confident in our excellent reputation and services and are ready to show you how outsourcing your calls will ensure that your customers are attended to professionally and promptly, 24/7. Give us a call at (800) 262-2799—or request information online.