Why Your Cell Phone Doesn’t Cut It As An Answering Service Option

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Many service providers or small business owners think they can rely on their cell phones to manage their calls and that they don’t need an answering service. This is true especially for people who run their own business solo, such as HVAC contractors, plumbers, property managers, or entrepreneurs just to name a few.

But relying on one’s cell phone for voicemail, text and email management ultimately result in mismanagement. Take plumbers, for example. Their phones often ring when they are working under a kitchen sink or repairing busted pipes when they’re not able to easily grab a ringing phone. So the plumber either has to stop what he or she is doing to take the call, jotting down any information on whatever’s available to write on, or the call goes to voicemail to be dealt with later.

The job at hand was either interrupted, or the caller was put off until later. Neither scenario is productive. Not to mention, if the caller had an urgent matter or was a potential new customer and received the plumber’s voicemail, chances are strong that they moved on to call another plumber who could respond more quickly.

This is just one scenario of how the quality and consistency of call management and customer service are bound to suffer sooner or later if a business owner is relying on their cell phone alone. This is where answering services can really save the day for both the business owner and their customers.

The advantage over cell phone voicemail is that customers are greeted by a live, friendly person rather than leaving a voicemail and wondering when, or if, their urgent call will be returned. Business owners can also use an answering service’s voicemail technology to give callers the option of leaving a message for routine matters, or pressing 0 if their call is urgent. In the latter case, the call is picked up by an operator who then alerts the owner that there’s an urgent matter.

Another option is that all calls are answered by live receptionists, who then take a message or direct callers where to leave a voicemail. The voicemail menu can be broken down into various options, such as sales or services, so the business owner can track which calls are coming in for which aspect of the business.

For the small business owner who juggles it all — sales, accounting, scheduling, even giving direction — this is not only really helpful in prioritizing responses but also makes the business appear both larger and more responsive to the caller. Plus, answering service receptionists filter out unwanted telemarketing calls and ensure that the business owner is contacted after hours only for urgent matters.

If you’ve been relying on your cell phone to run your business and would to learn more about how a professional, live answering service can improve your productivity and your professional reputation, contact Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. Customized communication solutions, secure messaging, and appointment scheduling will save you time and money while optimizing customer satisfaction.

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