For Lawyers & Attorneys—A Round-Up Of Resources About Legal Answering Services

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Any lawyer, whether practicing solo or with a large firm, can testify that answering calls and responding to voicemails and emails is a job in and of itself. Dedicating proper time and energy to these tasks often distracts from other attending to other pressing legal matters. We understand because we’ve helped several attorneys in the same boat. If you’re in the legal field and are wondering whether an answering service would help you run your practice more efficiently, check out this handful of posts that our clients in the legal field have found most helpful:

The receptionist answering your phones serves as the first impression of your legal practice, but how often is he or she distracted by other calls, in-office clients, or administrative tasks? If your office is like most practices the answer is all too often. To see if you’re at risk of damaging your practice’s reputation, read 3 Ways A Phone Call Can Break Your Legal Practice.

Many legal practices already outsource billing, and now many are also outsourcing their phone calls in order to save time, money, and improve client services overall. To find out how that’s possible, read How Outsourcing Calls Can Grow Your Legal Practice.

The most successful lawyers keep up with the demands of their practice by delivering two key customer service practices for each and every client. To see if you’re practicing these two key services, read How Lawyers Gain New Clients At “Hello”.

Some practices use virtual receptionists at answering services to handle all calls so that each client is greeted by a live, professional receptionist, regardless of the time of day or night of their call. Other legal firms use answering services to pick up calls when in-house receptionists are unavailable, while others use the service for after-hours client care or on holidays. To see how it’s a guaranteed time and cost savings whichever option they choose, read How Virtual Receptionists Save Lawyers Time & Money.

Legal matters don’t fit neatly into an 8 – 5 box. People need help with legal questions late at night, on the weekend, or on holidays. And because potential new clients are often feeling urgent about their legal needs, they’ll often hang up and call another attorney if they receive voicemail. To solve these challenges, read Why Every Lawyer Needs An Answering Service.

Answering service receptionists act as an extension of your legal practice so that client calls are handled consistently and carefully. Clients will feel heard and reassured, and they’re usually not even aware that they’re speaking with someone who’s not actually in the attorney’s office. When your client feels you value them enough to ensure that their calls are answered promptly, they’ll more likely remain committed to placing their needs in your hands.

Answering service representatives follow a script based on information and preferences of the client they’re representing to help answer callers’ questions. Receptionists answering calls of a legal matter are specifically trained so that client confidentiality is protected at all times. In addition, all calls are recorded, which can be invaluable for documentation.

Better client service equals better client acquisition and retention and is an investment in the growth of your practice. How your calls are handled reflects on the reputation of your practice, and using the right live answering service can make the difference between losing and keeping a client. With an 82% referral rate, Voice Link provides live answering services that will exceed your expectations. Request information online or call us at (800) 262-2799 for a free consultation.


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