Four Reasons Why a Virtual Receptionist is the Perfect Solution

Happy african call center operator wearing headset looking at camera

Customers in need of an answer still prefer to make a phone call and speak with a live voice to resolve a problem. No matter how much technology has made our lives simpler. Unfortunately, the days of a dedicated receptionist sitting behind a desk in an office are becoming obsolete. But customers also do not want to navigate a cumbersome phone menu and voice mail system. What’s the solution? A virtual receptionist is a perfect alternative for small businesses that know and value the power of a human voice to enhance the customer service experience.

Though there are many great reasons why going with a virtual receptionist is a better option. Here are our top four.

Reduce Workload

As a small business owner, you and your staff are probably wearing many hats—one of which may be answering phones if you don’t have a dedicated, in-house receptionist. When you partner with a virtual reception service like Voice Link answering service, you not only improve your customer service, you free up time and reduce interruptions so you and your team can focus on more impactful projects.

Reduce Payroll

A full-time receptionist on your payroll means salary, benefits, vacation, and sick leave you have to pay. The average receptionist for a small business earns approximately $30,000 a year, not including taxes and other benefits. A virtual receptionist doesn’t come close to that price tag.

Reduce Office Space and Equipment

When you hire a virtual receptionist, you not only reduce payroll expenses, you no longer have to pay for office furniture, computers, or expensive telephone systems and upgrades—equipment that an in-house receptionist would need.

 Extend Office Hours

Sometimes a customer needs help outside of traditional office hours. Our virtual receptionists can answer your customer’s calls 24 hours a day, during holidays, and even on weekends if you like. That means you can extend your office hours—without you having to be there.

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