The 2022 Ultimate Guide to Voice Link’s Virtual Receptionist Services

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We don’t think there is much argument that the last two years have been challenging for any small business or service provider. In a post-Covid world, the concept of virtual or remote workers has helped businesses survive. It’s so commonplace right now, especially when it comes to virtual receptionists.

For more than 30 years, Voice Link has been at the forefront of providing dedicated virtual receptionist services. If you are a business now facing the prospect of remote workers, here are a few Q&As we’ve compiled to help answer some of today’s most common answering service questions.

Q. What type of virtual answering services do you provide?

We offer a variety of telecommunication solutions to support customers from multi-channels including phone, email, and webchat. Here’s the breakdown:

Customer service call center answering. Our web-enabled customer service call center services provide technical support, help desk, lead generation, or customer inquiry. Give your customers immediate access to live help so they get immediate access to the information they need.

Live answering service calls. Our team of dedicated customer service representatives uses our cutting-edge technology to provide live, virtual receptionist service services for immediate, real-time, high-quality support.

Order-entry services. Our order entry service interacts with your website and CRM to provide professional, experienced order assistance for your customers. This service is ideal for booking events, appointments, reservations, customer care, and e-commerce or catalog orders.

Secure Messaging Services. Our mobile app sends instant and secure messages to your existing smartphones and mobile devices for effective collaborative communications, saving you time and money.

Q. What solutions does your answering service provide?

Think of us as an extension of your own staff. We can filter emergency/non-emergency calls, dispatch calls, and messages, reduce your response times, provide 24/7 live answering, free up staff, and answer questions immediately, all of which can increase customer satisfaction and boost your revenue growth and profitability.

Q. What industries do your virtual receptionist services have experience in?

We got our start in the healthcare industry over 30 years ago. We also specialize in higher education institutions, service providers, funeral homes, real estate professionals, medical offices, and law offices, as well as service providers like plumbers. But we really excel in the service provider industries like electricians. plumbers, janitors, locksmiths, funeral homes, landscapers, pest control, and utility companies.  

Q. What schedule does your answering service follow?

24/7/365 days a year. We are there for your clients around the clock including on weekends, holidays, and after hours.

Q. What training do your agents receive?

Voice Link uses industry-specific software tools including WellSky (formally, ClearCare) which is used by the Visiting Angels franchises.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality virtual receptionist services. Our agents are trained to gather the right information by listening to the caller and asking the right probing questions. Their number one priority is to focus on your customers’ needs.

We hold our agents to the highest performance standards. They are monitored and graded through our proprietary tracking program for their professionalism, friendliness, and accurate information-gathering capabilities.

Q. How does your answering service ensure quality?

By tracking & listening to our agent’s calls, we grade them on their overall call etiquette and other operational protocols. Our proprietary accountability tracker monitors average hold times, which is only 14 seconds, and our customer referral rate is currently at 92%.

Q. What is the location of your answering service?

We are located in Columbus, Georgia with a team of virtual receptionists that are 100% USA-based. Because our location isn’t likely to encounter extreme weather conditions, we can continue to provide secure services for your customers even if your own location is impacted by a natural disaster.

Q. What if my location is affected by a local disaster?

Our services use web-enabled, state-of-the-art technology so we can greatly diminish disruptions or downtimes, keeping your business up and running during disasters or major outages. Our Virtual Receptionist Services include disaster recovery and contingency plans so we can continue to serve your customers.

Q. Are you HIPAA-compliant?

With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, we know how important it is to protect your patients’ information. All of our professional agents are rigorously trained on HIPAA regulations and all operators are tested and are required to pass the HIPAA test each year.

Q. What level of security do you provide?

We make security a priority. Our mobile app encrypts your information to help ensure your data remains confidential, eliminating outside access to personally-identifying information—all while offering instant communications.

Q. What is the learning curve for your messaging app?

We respect how valuable time is for you and your staff. Our secure messaging app is so easy to use and access and is available either as a cloud-based or on-site solution for your convenience.

Q. Do you handle overflow calls?

Yes! We can handle overflow answering during peak times, after hours, during staff meetings, and when you are understaffed.

Q. How do I know which service is right for me?

Every industry is unique, and we work with you to create a custom plan to meet your specific needs. We start with a brief consultation to understand your business requirements so we can develop a custom answering service plan.

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