How A Customer Service Answering Service Can Benefit Your Business

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Great customer service is vital for the success of any business. But, customer service often includes answering phones, which can take a toll on your employees, especially if they are juggling other important tasks. And, when your customer service team becomes overwhelmed by answering phones, your customer service suffers. 

But, there is a solution! Hire a virtual receptionist, like Voice Link, to field your customer service calls! Investing in a customer service answering service is a great way to ensure that your customer service is always top-notch

4 Benefits of Investing in Customer Service Call Center Services

  1. Create a positive customer experience.

Investing in customer service call center services will create positive experiences for your customers. And, according to an Invoca study, “80%” of your current customers who have a positive experience when reaching out to your business via the phone will become repeat customers. 

And, by improving your customers’ phone experience, you may also see your current customers spending more on your products and services in the future. The Invoca study indicates that “60%” of your current customers are likely to spend more money on current or future purchases.

And, on the flip side, a negative customer service experience can cause you to lose customers. According to the Invoca study, “74%of people are likely to choose another business after a negative customer service call experience. 

  1. Improve hold times.

No one likes being on hold. According to that Invoca study, “49%” of people say that they get highly annoyed when they are put on hold. Plus, when you have long hold times, you run the risk of your customers hanging up. The Invoca study found that only 53% of callers will only wait up to 5 minutes before hanging up. And, only 15% will wait for 15 minutes or more. 

Plus, long hold times can end up turning your customers away, because when a customer gets annoyed with your business due to long hold times, they may look into switching to one of your competitors.

  1. Increase positive reviews.

Bad phone customer service will lead to negative reviews of your business. In fact, the Invoca study indicates that30%of people write bad online reviews of businesses when they have a negative phone experience.  

So, if you are looking to increase your business’s positive reviews, consider hiring a virtual receptionist service to field your customer’s calls. 

  1. Decrease complaints. 

According to the Invoca study. “70% of customers are likely to complain to friends and family after a negative phone experience with a business.” And, 24% will complain about their experience on social media. So, if you want to decrease complaints and increase word-of-mouth recommendations, you might want to think about investing in customer service call center services.

 Customers Want to Speak to an Actual Person!

Like we said in our post, Are You Turning Away 74% Of Your Customers, people will always rely on direct human connection and conversation to: 

  • Make decisions about which products or services to invest in
  • Get information
  • Get help with an issue
  • Make an appointment
  • Place an order

And, how these calls are handled can make or break your business. 

Voice Link of Columbus’s Customer Service Answering Services

Voice Link of Columbus offers fantastic customer service call center services as well as customer service answering services

When you partner with us, your customer calls will be answered promptly. Our average hold time is only 14 seconds! And, our team will deliver the service your customers deserve by managing your calls whenever you need:  

  • During peak hours
  • After hours
  • 24/7/365

Find the plan that’s right for your business by completing this simple survey to receive a custom quote. Or, if you have any questions and would like to talk to an actual person, give us a call at (800) 262-2799.