What’s The Perfect Answering Service For our multiple service plansPlumbers?

Voice Link answering services for plumbers

We’re going to answer that question. But, if you’re in the plumbing business, we’re going to need your help. 

Plumbing companies understand the need for customer-facing communications solutions. 

At Voice Link of Columbus, we have the technology and plumbing answering service solutions that plumbing companies need. We just need you to help us build the perfect solution for your business.

We don’t need to tell plumbers about a customer’s sense of urgency. When plumbing issues hit, they tend to strike fast and hard. Plumbing issues, especially broken water lines and sump pumps, can potentially cause astronomical amounts of property damage. And in the eyes of the caller, aka your potential great new customer, almost any plumbing problem is an emergency.    

Your plumbing business may have excellent online reviews and exceptional customer service. But when a customer calls with an emergency, they want someone to pick up the phone—it’s that simple. In a previous post, we point out that according to technology research giant Gartner Group, when a customer calls you, nothing makes them feel better than a human receptionist.

So what’s the bottom line? The plumbing company with the live answering service gets the customer.

The folks over at Plumber Magazine online sum it up perfectly:  

In this industry, it’s hard not to provide customers with 24/7 service. When marketing your company, it’s an easy way to catch people’s attention. And if you successfully handle someone’s after-hours emergency call, there’s a good chance you have a customer for life.

For plumbing companies, incoming calls can be your most significant source of new customers by far. Finding you online is only half of the equation though. The second and the most critical piece is making sure someone answers the customer’s phone call.

Let’s make sure you don’t miss any of those calls.

So what are the specific business benefits of virtual receptionists to plumbing companies?

Here are just a few:

  • Live receptionists answer incoming phone calls 24X7
  • Cost-effective 
  • Receptionists follow your notification and dispatch protocols
  • Filter emergency and non-emergency customer calls—with protocols
  • Provide multiple emergency dispatching options, including text, email, paging, and smartphone
  • After hours/off-hours call answering
  • Voice Link App enables two-way instant, secure communications
  • Live appointment scheduling

Voice Link’s answering service for plumbers is your virtual receptionist. We use human intelligence, not artificial intelligence, to interact with your customers. Trained professionals are available 24X7, or whenever you need them. They’ll pick up the phone and provide live customer service, messaging, scheduling, and dispatch capabilities on your behalf. 

At Voice Link, we agree that nothing can replace a human on the other end of the line when customers call. But we also value technology’s role in modern communications.

That’s why we offer technology-based solutions like secure, encrypted messaging apps to augment your human virtual receptionists. 

Our mobile app sends secure email or text messages to iPhone and Android devices. You can use the app to replace or supplement paging technology and enable two-way instant, secure communications to your team.

Together, technology and human receptionists provide end-to-end call management, scheduling, dispatch, and two-way communications platform.     

Voice Link provides automation with a human touch.

Is a virtual answering service the right choice for your plumbing company? 

Let’s face it, every phone call needs to be answered and responded to appropriately when you’re a 24X7 plumbing company. We understand the business demands and challenges that you face daily. And we have the solutions you need. 

Voice Link’s receptionists are US-based, vetted, and highly trained to handle your protocols. Our receptionists answer over 2.4 million calls annually with a zero to 14 second hold time. And we’re proud of our 92% customer referral rating from customers just like you.

How do you implement your custom-built answering service for plumbers?

That’s the easy part. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Schedule a consultation with Voice Link to discuss the plan that’s right for your plumbing company
  2. Build your custom-tailored plan
  3. Launch your service!

Sound too good, or expensive, to be true? It’s not. 

Our solutions are flexible and based on your business’s usage patterns. At Voice Link, we help plumbing companies like yours find their perfect communications solution every day.

Call us today at (800) 262-2799, or get in touch with us online to discuss your custom answering service for plumbers. Our experts are waiting for your call.