How To Put Some “Lazy” Back Into Summer Without Falling Behind On Business


Remember that 1960’s Nat King Cole song, “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, Those days of soda and pretzels and beer…”? Well, it seems like between the hot temperatures and today’s busier-than-ever work mindset we’ve still got the hazy and crazy parts covered. The lazy, though, not so much.

Many of us are overworked and under-slept, and thoughts of taking time off work all too often stay in the realm of daydreams rather than becoming reality. After all, consumers today expect you to be plugged in, on-call, and ready to deliver 24/7. So how do you take time off and not be tied to your phone, but keep your business going without your calls piling up and your customers going elsewhere?

While it’s not realistic for your customers to think you’ll be the one to answer your phone, 24/7, it is realistic for them to expect their calls to be received by someone knowledgeable about your business. That’s where the virtual receptionists at a live answering service have your back.

Virtual receptionist services cover your business based on a plan tailored to your needs, depending on when you truly need your calls managed. Some businesses choose to outsource all their calls to an answering service, 24/7, while others opt for just after-hours call answering.

It’s also quite common for companies that have in-office receptionists to use virtual receptionists for roll-over calls during busy times when the in-house receptionists are not able to answer calls.

Or maybe you need to call an all staff meeting and won’t have team members available to answer the phones but you also don’t want calls to pile up in voicemail. Just notify the virtual receptionists, it’s that simple.

The point is that virtual receptionists at a live answering service are equipped with the time and technology to answer calls at any time, and have the flexibility to take over call answering even if it hadn’t been previously planned should the need arise.

So, if it’s a beautiful summer day and you have the notion to take the afternoon off to go fishing or golfing or just relax, go for it. The virtual receptionists will take care of your customers and will only notify you about any urgent matters you’ve instructed them to.

Better yet, want to get away with your family for a week at the beach or in the mountains? Piece of cake. Your virtual receptionists keep business humming along. You can take the time you need with peace of mind that your calls aren’t piling up and your customers aren’t getting frustrated by leaving voicemails.

Plus, virtual receptionists can also respond to email inquiries, schedule appointments, take reservations or orders, screen for job candidates, or assist with CRM management.

Meanwhile, your customers won’t even realize that the friendly person on the other end of the line isn’t actually in your office — or that you aren’t actually in the office, either.

As good-old Nat King Cole said, “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, You’ll wish that summer could always be here.”

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