How Virtual Receptionists Help HVAC Businesses Keep Their Cool

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It’s summertime and we’re certainly sizzling in Georgia. Thank goodness for the air conditioning systems in our homes and offices that keep us cool—that is, until something goes awry with them and we’re suddenly sweating and scrambling to find the fans. 

No doubt this is a busy time for HVAC businesses and a potentially stressful time for their customers who need service ASAP. When a customer calls an HVAC business, they want to hear a friendly, live person on the other end of the line, and they want to be reassured that help will be on the way. Receiving voicemail or being put on hold won’t cut it, and in either case, customers will most likely hang up and call the next HVAC provider. 

Competition is tough, and many HVAC companies operate with limited staff and resources so it’s hard to answer each call, especially when a technician is in the middle of a job or it’s after-hours. However, virtual receptionists are making it possible for HVAC companies to never miss another call or a service opportunity again.

The HVAC virtual receptionists at a live answering service understand the demands HVAC workers face and are trained to provide friendly, efficient customer service, 24/7. Virtual receptionists are able to:

  • Answer all incoming calls promptly and professionally.
  • Filter urgent and non-urgent calls and escalate urgent matters to appropriate person.
  • Deliver messages by preferred method: text, voice, email, pager, etc.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Dispatch technicians.
  • Boost revenue and profitability.
  • Act as an extension of a business and reduce the need for additional staff.

How and when an HVAC business works with a virtual receptionist is entirely up to when on the service provider’s needs and preferences. Virtual receptionists can act as the business’s front desk, eliminating the need for an in-office receptionist or helping with calls or tasks that an in-office receptionist isn’t able to get to. 

Or a virtual receptionist can handle rollover calls when the technician is on a job and other staff can’t answer the phone. Another popular option is for virtual receptionists to pick up calls that come in after-hours, on weekends, or during holidays.

In addition, virtual receptionists can schedule service appointments and reminders according to specified priorities and instructions. It’s just one more layer of service that ensures when  customers call your HVAC business, they can breathe a sigh of relief when a friendly voice answers and asks “How can we help you?” 

If you want to work more efficiently while also booking new customers and improving current customer satisfaction, Voice Link’s virtual receptionist answering service solutions can help you manage your business needs during peak hours, after-hours, or around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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