How Virtual Receptionists Help Small Businesses Save Money

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Virtual receptionists don’t just save you time, they also save you money. Many small business owners don’t realize that when they’re considering bringing a virtual receptionist to the team because they’re focusing on what it might cost them to actually hire one. However, virtual receptionists actually save small businesses money in many ways.

When virtual receptionists work from an answering service location or call center, they have the technology and the staffing to handle a higher call volume than an in-house receptionist. Virtual receptionists at answering services are equipped to answer phones 24/7 and cost substantially less than hiring someone to do the same job in person.

You get 24/7 professional, friendly customer service without having to pay for:

  • Overhead expenses
  • Training expenses
  • Benefits
  • Employee taxes
  • Vacation time
  • Sick days


In addition, the convenience that having a virtual receptionist affords adds up to immeasurable cost savings. Virtual receptionists can cover breaks or staff meetings when you don’t want calls to go unanswered, screen calls so you don’t waste time, take messages, schedule appointments, dispatch services, and handle after-hours calls. All the while, your clients won’t even realize the helpful person on the other end of the line isn’t actually in your office.

Customers feel cared for and valued when their calls are answered. On the other hand, when customers call a business and receive voicemail or are put on hold, more than a third of them hang up and don’t call back. Each one of those calls could be a lost business opportunity.

It’s a competitive world, and your customers have many choices. If they’re shuffled into voice mail or if they speak with a receptionist who doesn’t sound professional or friendly, or who directs their call to the wrong staff member, that’s a strike against your business’s reputation. Giving them the wrong impression of how you do business can send them packing, which impacts your bottom line.

Virtual receptionists at a live answering service are trained to provide prompt, professional customer care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s like having your own team that’s available around the clock, at a fraction of the cost of hiring one full-time receptionist.

How your calls are handled reflects on the reputation of your business, and using the right virtual receptionists can make the difference between losing and keeping a customer. Knowing that you care enough to provide full attention 24/7 keeps your customers happy, which grows your business. In fact, that growth may mean that someday your business isn’t so small anymore after all.

The virtual receptionists at Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. have earned an 82% referral rate, thanks to our customized communication solutions, secure messaging, and appointment scheduling services that save our clients time and money while increasing customer loyalty.

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