Phone Answering Services for Small Businesses


If you are a small business owner, you’re already wearing multiple hats. You’re doing it all from sales rep, customer service, office manager, marketer, and tech support. Even answering your phones—when you can. But when you can’t, you could be missing opportunities to grow your business. An answering service for small businesses could be the solution to your hectic schedule. In fact, when you outsource to an answering service, you get much more than someone answering your incoming calls. Voice Link’s live answering services offer a full range of solutions that can help your small business increase productivity and efficiency.

Here are just some of the tasks that Voice Link’s phone answering services for small businesses can handle.

Inclement weather or emergency backup

If you are impacted by the weather or an emergency and can’t make it to the office, but your customers assume it’s business as usual, an answering service lets your employees work from home and still meet your customers’ expectations. 

Unique Healthcare Support

Busy medical practices have unique needs that require compassion and confidentiality. Voice Link started answering phones for the healthcare industry more than 30 years ago, so we have expert insight into your business’s needs.

Pre-visit Patient intake: Most patients would prefer not to have to come to a doctor’s appointment early or go online to fill out paperwork ahead of their visit. Voice Link’s HIPAA-trained live call answering agents can improve your customers’ experience and take some of the administrative burdens off your staff by taking basic patient pre-registration information from your patients in advance of their appointments.

After-hours answering: We stay late so you don’t have to—24/7. When you leave for the day, our live answering service is on the job so any clients or potential customers who call after hours won’t have to end up in voicemail. 

Overflow answering: Sometimes there are those hours of the day or month when you have a heavier call volume than normal, and you can’t stay ahead of the ringing. Voice Link can handle the extra overflow calls when they roll over to our live answering service.

Secure Messaging Healthcare app: Our secure messaging app uses end-to-end message encryption that adds additional layers of security, so your data remains confidential while receiving and responding to important and/or time-sensitive messages from our answering service.

Pre-appointment questions 

Voice Link’s answering services for small businesses can help you with inquiries and pre-appointment assessments. Our trained, professional virtual receptionists will follow up with service requests to confirm the nature of the problem, the client’s address, email address, best times for a service visit, etc., and get the information to you ahead of your service call.

Appointment reminders

Our live answering service operators can send out automated reminders ahead of your customers’ scheduled services or appointments to help keep no-shows to a minimum, saving you time and aggravation.


Customer surveys are a great tool for gauging how well customers perceive your company and provide valuable feedback for areas of improvement. Because they can be time-consuming, and you may lack the people resources to carry them out, Voice Link’s phone answering services for small businesses can partner with you to help manage the surveys.

Marketing campaigns. 

Voice Link’s live answering service can help you maximize your time and marketing efforts by qualifying and prioritizing inbound leads based on your criteria so you can focus on the right ones.

Preliminary job application screening 

Taking incoming calls from prospecting employees can be time-consuming for small businesses. Voice Link’s small business phone answering services can free up your time by pre-screening candidates to find those that meet the basic job requirements you identified and sending them to you.

Service line for troubleshooting. 

Sometimes customers need an immediate response to their emails, texts, or phone calls when it comes to service or product issues. Voice Link’s professional, answering service for small businesses can be the first step to field those calls by performing troubleshooting steps, and identifying possible issues, saving time for your staff.

These are just some of the ways our live answering services can help support your business. Voice Link is here to answer the call! Request a Quote today or you can fill out our survey to find the plan that’s right for you.