Reasons Small Business Should Combine Marketing and Customer Service Strategies

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Following statistics released by the U.S. Department of Labor, nearly half of all small- to medium-sized businesses fail within 5 years. With the odds that things go your way literally being a coin flip, it is integral that you have a marketing edge to distinguish yourself from the competition. The issue is that with 91% of businesses comprising less than five employees, it can be challenging to get the time, resources, and energy needed to obtain that edge.

Why Customer Service Should Be of Significance to Your Marketing Strategy

Following a small business market survey, the three major advertising objectives for small businesses include:

  • Boosting sales of existing products
  • Distinguish themselves from the competition
  • Obtain new leads

Nevertheless, consumer reviews indicate that customer service can be a crucial factor in attaining these three aims:

  • 74% of consumers will spend more cash with a business based on customer service only
  • 3/5 individuals will choose you over a competitor simply because of the anticipation of getting satisfactory customer service
  • When reeling in new clients, offering “great” customer service is second only to having a quality product

How customer service fits into marketing may not be apparent at first glance. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that the two strategies are more or less the same than you may presume. The push your business needs to scale to the next level can be located at the junction of marketing and customer service. And this is why small businesses should combine these two strategies.

Here is how they work in tandem to attain common objectives.

Customer Acquisition

You should keep in mind that most brands spend 6-7 times more to lure new clients than retain their current ones. This indicates how integral it is to have a customer service team to bolster the efforts of your advertising team. Although your advertising team concentrates on driving leads down the sales funnel, your customer service team works toward keeping them. If you evaluate all the departments in your organization and which one customers engage with the most, you’ll find the customer service department. Note that it’s not merely the number of clientele that is essential, but the level of dedication and quality of service is equally essential towards driving traffic and retaining customers.

Consistent Messaging

It is integral that you offer your clients an experience that remains true to the marketing message of your brand. Additionally, it is crucial to make sure the message you are propagating is aimed at altering client requirements and preferences. Open communication lines between the two departments are important to have everybody on the same page when it comes to the brand message. The customer care team must keep constant communication with your marketing team to ascertain that client concerns are heard and addressed.

Social Media Presence

A symbiotic relationship between customer service and marketing is important, now more than ever before, with more and more consumers using social media as a means to communicate directly with businesses. Establishing clear-cut roles helps customer care reps and marketers utilize social platforms to attain the respective objectives and also grow a social media following. Also, how else will people get to know your brand if you don’t get in front of their eyes? Having a social media presence helps propagate your message to the target audience.

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