Eliminating Hold Times to Improve Customer Service Satisfaction

Eliminate Hold Times with Voice Link

We all get excited when a phone call rings at our business. If you’re getting calls in, it means there’s business being done. If customers are kept waiting for a long time, those little calls might not be coming in for long. 

While the dangers may not be apparent, leaving customers on the line for a long period of time can have quite a negative effect on business. Let’s take positive steps to help reduce the amount of time spent on hold by your customers. It’ll help keep them happy and willing to do business with you. 

Hold Time Guidelines

Businesses have different opinions when it comes to the length of time that’s appropriate to leave a customer on hold. Studies have found that many people will only wait a couple of minutes before deciding to hang up on a business. While some other studies have led researchers to believe that customers are willing to wait a full 12 minutes. 

If customers are being asked to wait on hold, they may have the desire to no longer do business with you. Time magazine’s study suggested that people spend as much as 12 hours on hold in a given year. With all the time that’s consumed being stuck on hold, it’s coming in at no surprise that people are beginning to lose patience. 

While the amount of time a customer will wait on hold isn’t known, it is known that being stuck on hold for a long time can lead to frustration. If you’re looking to avoid this common problem, it’s time to set your business up with the attitude that’s right for taking customer calls as soon as possible. 

Reputation Management

Businesses mistakenly think that the only consequence is an unsatisfied customer. Word of mouth can leak out that your business doesn’t answer calls as quickly as it should. Most businesses find that bad reviews online social media and negative talk about their business reach more customers than positive talk and reviews. 

Long hold times are the number one culprit for bad reviews being had. It does critical damage to a business’s reputation. Knowing that you’ll lose the caller means your business has to reduce hold times as soon as possible. 

Decreasing Hold Time with Us 

If your business is susceptible to keeping your customers on hold for long periods, why not give Voice Link a call? Having our professional customer service team answer calls for your business means no longer having to put unhappy customers on hold. Our phone lines are picked up quickly, and we offer undivided attention until we have completely satisfied the customer. 

Our quick answering time doesn’t waste the customer’s day. We know how to deliver quality customer service and great customer service experience. We’re experts when it comes to call-center management. By having us on call to help your business, you’ll be able to focus your attention on other problems your business might have. 

Learn more about how to eliminate the time spent on hold for your business by contacting us today.