The Top Tool For Utility Companies To Communicate With Customers Instantly


Most all of us have had the experience of needing to call a utility company about a service issue or interruption. At that point, most of us have also found that we’re unable to reach a live agent right away or that we’re put on hold for long periods of time. This is particularly the case for water and sewage companies when an issue like a break in a water line causes disruption for specific service areas of a community, or an entire town or community. With numerous customers calling at once, many water and sewage utility companies just aren’t equipped to communicate with them effectively and immediately.

However, there’s a much quicker way for utility companies to easily communicate instantly with their customers. A service called express messaging allows utility companies to send emergency alerts or non-urgent reminders to any defined group of people—which can be all of a company’s customers or just select groups of those customers. For example, In the event of a service interruption in one area of town, a water or sewage provider can send a mass message quickly to only the affected customers, providing key information and instructions.

Customers choose whether they’d prefer to receive the messages via text, email, or voicemail. Water and sewage companies use express messaging at any time of the day or night to:

  • Send alerts or reminders of scheduled service interruptions due to the repairs.
  • Send messages to let customers know the utility company is aware of and working to resolve a service interruption that has just occurred.
  • Send seasonal messages, such as how to keep pipes from freezing during a cold snap.
  • Send notification of billing policy procedures or changes.

    Express messaging is extremely adaptable for any type of mass messaging, and the system is simple to use, reliable, and affordable. There’s no need for extra equipment or software. With express messaging, water and sewage companies are communicating more effectively and efficiently with their customers. As a result, their customers are much happier and less likely to complain about poor service or lack of communication from the utility company, which eases stress on the everyone involved.
    Meanwhile, the utility company’s in-house employees and technicians out in the field can stay focused on restoring systems without the distraction of answering or returning countless phone calls.

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