Voice Link Celebrates 30 Years of Virtual Receptionist Services

Voice Link Virtual Receptionist

Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. is gearing up to celebrate 30 years of providing virtual receptionist services, and we couldn’t be more excited! Learn all about our answering service’s humble beginnings. 


Our Humble Beginnings


Voice Link was born in 1989 by our founder. He had become increasingly frustrated with the answering service companies on the market. Not only was the current answering service company he was using not providing the services he really needed for his practice, but they were also about to increase his rates. 


Our founder finally had enough and decided to create his own virtual receptionist company. Thus, he started Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. Armed with only four employees, Voice Link originally focused on just providing answering services for healthcare facilities. However, in 1991, we expanded our services to assist other industries, including plumbing companies and law offices. 


Over the course of the next two decades, we worked to provide the best in virtual receptionist services. With the evolution of technology, including the introduction of voice mail and cell phones, we have evolved our services to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes. 


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Who We’ve Helped Since 1989


Despite starting in the medical industry, Voice Link has expanded our answering services to meet the demands of companies in the following industries:



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