Why a Live Receptionist Service Is the Best Answer for Your Business Needs

Your Voice Link live receptionist service

No caller wants to go to voicemail, and no business owner wants to miss a call. Statistics show that the majority of callers hang up if a call is answered by voicemail. The solution to the disconnect is simple: a live receptionist service that offers so much more than just picking up the phone.

With more than 30 years of experience using industry-leading technology, Voice Link offers the highest quality live receptionist services to help improve your customers’ experience and help grow your business. Our North American based professional agents answer and return calls (24/7 if needed), providing a seamless experience for your callers, uniquely tailored to fit your business.

Here is how our live answering and live receptionist services work.

  • Step 1: We get to know your business by asking the right questions and gathering critical information that your expert live receptionists need to become an extension of your business.
  • Step 2: We create a customized call script and messaging that your live receptionists will use as a guide for handling your calls.
  • Step 3: Your phone company or telephone system provider redirects calls to Voice Link when you choose. That could be after hours, 24/7, or just if you cannot reach the phone in time.
  • Step 4: Your inbound calls are answered by a professional live receptionist, with your company name so your customers get a live person answering the phone.
  • Step 5: Your live receptionists actively listen and learn from your callers to determine their specific needs.
  • Step 6: Based on your customized procedures, your live receptionists will route the calls to you, take a message, send an email, send a text or even send each message via one of our HIPAA compliant secure messaging solutions.
  • Step 7: Using our proprietary tracking program, we monitor and grade our live receptionists on their overall call etiquette and other operational protocols to ensure they are delivering the best live answering service experience possible.

Live Receptionist Options

Voice Link’s live receptionists can provide a full range of business solutions for healthcare providers, trade and professional service providers, and industries of all shapes and sizes. But what may surprise you, is Voice Link’s live receptionist services can be used in a variety of ways.

Preliminary job application screening

Voice Link’s live receptionist services can free up your time by disqualifying potential candidates who don’t meet the basic job requirements and then send the qualified candidates to you.

Pre-appointment questions

Voice Link can help you with inquiries and pre-appointment assessments. Our professional live receptionists will follow up with service requests to confirm the nature of the problem, the client’s address, email address, and best times for a service visit. They’ll get the information to you ahead of your service call.

Marketing campaigns.

Staying competitive means maximizing your marketing campaigns by capturing and qualifying more leads. With a set number specific to your marketing initiatives, you’ll be able to see real call return-on-investment from your initiatives. Let Voice Link’s live receptionists be part of your campaign by qualifying and prioritizing inbound leads based on your criteria.

Service line for troubleshooting. 

Sometimes customers need an immediate response to their emails or phone calls when it comes to service or product issues. Voice Link’s professional, highly trained live receptionists can field those calls by performing troubleshooting steps, and identifying possible issues, saving time for your staff.