Grow Your Small Business with a Live Answering Service

Voice Link - Live Answering Service for Small Businesses

At a time when many small businesses are experiencing a growth trend, it comes as no surprise that everyone on your team is probably wearing lots of hats. A live answering service could be just the solution your busy office needs so your team can focus on their most important objectives and your customers—or potential customers—get the immediate assistance they need.

By outsourcing your calls to Voice Link’s Live Answering Service, you don’t just get your phones answered. You have access to a full range of business solutions you may not have considered. Here are just some of the ways Voice Link’s Live Answering Service can help your small business grow.

Capture/Prequalify More Leads

Capturing and prequalifying more sales leads can be your competitive advantage. For more than 30 years, we’ve helped small business owners maximize their sales and marketing campaign initiatives with our live answering service. Experience a real call return on investment when we help you qualify and prioritize your inbound leads, based on the criteria you set.

Close more sales

Voice Link’s live answering service does more than provide customer service and after-hours phone backup. With our live answering service in place to help capture and prequalify more leads, it can improve your chances of closing sales faster. Think of our agents as members of your team and the first step in your sales process as soon as they answer a call.

Respond faster with real-time notifications

Waiting to pick up messages from a traditional answering service doesn’t do your customers or your business any favors. With Voice Link’s live answering service, you get your messages delivered in real-time, however, you choose—email, text, or voice—so you can respond faster to your clients.

Add a friendly tone

Nothing sets the stage for a positive phone outcome than a warm, friendly tone on the other end of the line. Our live answering service goes a long way in making your customers happy, but it could help increase sales as well.

Let your professionalism show

Our team of professional and dedicated live answering service representatives is 100% U.S.-based and highly trained with the skills to represent your business in the best possible way. Your clients and potential clients will never experience an interruption in your services.

Gather the right information

Voice Link’s live answering service agents know how to ask the right questions so we can gather the right information critical for your business. We do more than get a name and number. We’ll get you everything you need to follow up with your clients.