Why You Need On-Call Virtual Phone Answering During The Holidays

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As the holiday season approaches, many businesses see a slowing down period with the opportunity to take a step back and enjoy the season. For other businesses, this time of year is their busiest, with increased customer demands and call volume, making the holidays a stressful balancing act between taking care of business and spending time with family and friends.

With Voice Link’s on-call virtual phone answering service, you and your employees can feel good about the holidays! When you partner with us, our live agents become an extension of your business, ensuring you never miss a call while you enjoy the fun, downtime, and family and social commitments that go along with the holiday season.

So, how can our on-call virtual phone answering service help keep your customers satisfied and your revenue growing while you take some R&R?

You have customers with questions…even after midnight.

Voice Link’s on-call virtual phone answering service works around the clock 24/7/360 even on holidays, so you don’t have to. Many businesses see an increase in customer calls at year’s end. As your holiday answering service, our expert USA-based virtual receptionists are uniquely trained to answer your customers’ questions.  

You have customers who want to book appointments now.

There are those customers who like to take advantage of their holiday downtime to book their appointments and get their schedules set for the beginning of the new year. That’s no problem for us. At Voice Link, we can help your customers schedule or reschedule appointments using our state-of-the-art scheduling software.

Your business call volume increases during the holidays.

If your call volume increases during the holidays and you and your employees are struggling to stay ahead of the ringing, Voice Link’s on-call virtual phone answering will pick up any call you miss so you don’t miss an opportunity.  

You want to minimize extra staffing.

If you need to maximize your budget and reduce hiring extra holiday staff to field customer calls, Voice Link’s on-call virtual phone answering during the holidays can help you stretch your dollars while keeping your customers engaged and happy.

You have shortened your office hours.

Maybe you are one of the lucky businesses that can decrease hours during the holiday season to give you and your staff some extra time to spend with loved ones. If you close your office early during the week (or weekends), Voice Link’s on-call virtual phone answering service will handle the rollover calls.

You have a holiday office party to attend.

Just need some temporary time away from the office for a holiday party to show your team how much you have appreciated them all year long? We can help with that too. Just forward your calls to one of our professional agents so you don’t have to miss a single customer call while you are enjoying the festivities.  

You want to make time for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons you need on-call virtual phone answering during the holidays is for your happiness and wellbeing. It’s been a stressful year for most, and you deserve some time off to enjoy the season!  

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