Will Chatbots Replace Answering Services In The Future?

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There’s no question that technology is changing the world on a daily basis, often in ways we’re not even aware of. This is true to an extent when it comes to customer service. Answering services are still at the forefront of delivering prompt customer service, but is it possible that technology applications like chatbots will take the lead someday? And what would that mean for your customers’ level of satisfaction?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is certainly gaining ground in the customer service field, particularly in the form of chatbots. You’ve most likely interacted with a chatbot, even if you don’t realize it. Like iPhone’s Siri, chatbots are surfacing everywhere. Their purpose is to streamline interactions between people and services by helping businesses perform basic tasks like answering questions quickly. The benefit, at least ideally in concept, is that chatbots can provide faster answers and services than actual live people.

It is true that today’s consumers expect companies to deliver fast customer support, which makes it seem that chatbots are a good solution—until it fails. Issues such as limited vocabulary and responses or weak integrations with an existing system can quickly sour the customer experience. The chatbot solution then turns into a customer service problem.

The customer is reminded that they’re communicating with a coded chatbot rather than a real human being. And even when the chatbot does get it right, it still can’t show empathy and off-script attention to conversational detail, as well as make the customer feel like they’re important and valued through tone of voice.

Chatbots can’t provide the personal touch that so many consumers today expect from their customer support experiences. They can’t tell when a customer is angry or frustrated and needs extra attention to diffuse the situation. Live answering services will always provide personalized and professional customer service, leaving less room for communication errors and a better overall experience for your customers.

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