6 Resources For Small Business Owners Considering Hiring An Answering Service

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If you’re like many small business owners you may think you need to answer all calls yourself, or that your business isn’t big enough yet to warrant hiring an answering service. However, both scenarios aren’t true, and in fact, there are many resources and benefits that answering services provide small businesses. Here’s a round-up of 6 posts that small business owners have found most helpful:

When you reach the point of knowing that you need help fielding calls, answering questions, and scheduling appointments, should you hire a receptionist to answer calls in your office or hire an answering service to field your calls? To compare the financial costs and benefits of each option, read Should You Hire A Receptionist For Your Small Business Or Outsource Your Calls?

Many customers say they prefer working with small businesses because they’re more likely to receive personal attention. In fact, according to an American Express Survey, 80% of Americans believe that smaller businesses place a greater emphasis on customer service than large businesses. But how do small businesses consistently deliver personalized customer care while operating with less budget and staff that larger companies typically have? To find out how read How Virtual Receptionists Give Small Businesses A Big Boost.

Many service providers or small business owners think they can rely on their cell phones to manage their calls and that they don’t need an answering service. This is true especially for people who run their own business solo, such as HVAC contractors, plumbers, property managers, or entrepreneurs for example. To read why relying on your cell phone for call management ultimately results in mismanagement, read Why Your Cell Phone Doesn’t Cut It As An Answering Service Option.

An article in Forbes recently reported that the number of solopreneur or freelance workers grew to 55 million Americans last year, which is 35% of the U.S. workforce. The trend is expected to increase to half the US workforce, or 75 million, by 2020. These one-person business owners face increased competition while keeping up with wearing all the hats needed to keep the business afloat. Customer communications are a particular challenge, considering that 80% of callers will hang up if they’re sent to voicemail. To learn how solo business owners stay focused on daily tasks while ensuring that all their calls are answered promptly and professionally, read Why Solopreneurs Need An Answering Service.

The staff at smaller healthcare practices have their hands full managing the predictable day to day operations of patient care, phone calls, and data management, not to mention responding to the unexpected patient emergencies. To learn how small medical practices answer all patient calls, regardless of the time of day or night, at a fraction of the cost of a single in-house staff member, read Why Small Healthcare Practices Need Live Answering Services.

An article in Forbes described how attorney Fabian Lima left a big law firm to work independently on the legal cases that mattered most to him, and the move paid off. He credits his six-figure success in large part to taking the time to get to know his clients. To find out how attorneys like Lima make the time to build loyal client relationships while also managing time-consuming calls and meetings, read Why Should A Small Legal Practice Get Help Answering Calls?

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