Barking Dogs & Other Answering Service Nightmares

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We often hear from new clients who have switched to our live answering service after experiencing horrible customer service from a different call answering provider. For example, one physician left his answering service after patients were repeatedly transferred to the wrong doctor after hours. Another client left their answering service after continually being charged fees for any little change or request they made.

Another client left her call center after her customers complained that they were hearing barking dogs when they called the business’s number. One of her customers even said the receptionist asked her to hang on while she let the dogs out. Given that she runs a legal firm and not a veterinary business, her customers were understandably annoyed.

There are so many options when it comes to partnering with a call answering service. To understand what you’re signing up for you need to ask some essential questions.

  • Are The Operators Working Remotely?

Some larger call centers will hire receptionists that are located overseas, usually in the Philippines or India. If they have strong accents it may be difficult for your customers to relay or receive information correctly.

Other smaller answering services or call centers may hire receptionists who work out of their homes. This was the case with the attorney who’s customers complained of hearing barking dogs when they called the firm’s number. Although the answering service had a local office, she didn’t realize its receptionists were not in a central location but instead were working out of their homes.

You definitely want to know that the answering service receptionists are working in a state-of-the-art building that has backup systems in case of power failure.

Other questions you should ask include:

  • Can you tell by the sound of the ring that you had reached an answering service?
  • Will your calls be answered by a voicemail recording or a live operator?
  • What’s the average hold time?
  • How quickly does the answering service’s customer service department respond when you call?
  • How do they handle billing and any changes you need to make with scheduling?

These are some of the basic questions you should ask an answering service. Keep in mind that your goal is to partner with a full-service telecommunications company that’s equipped with the most advanced telephone and message delivery technology, and staffed with professionally trained receptionists who are available 24/7.

Working with an answering service shouldn’t be a nightmare, it should be a blessing. A live answering service should save you time and money, while serving your customers with prompt, professional attention.

If you’d like to learn more about how a live answering service can help your business thrive, contact Voice Link of Columbus, Inc. We offer flat rate month-to-month service agreements, with no hidden fees, to meet the needs of any business regardless of size, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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