Call Communication Tips For Funeral Home Directors

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Losing a loved one rates as one of the top five most stressful events in a person’s life, and planning for the logistics of a funeral and burial add to the emotional toll. Funeral home directors and their staff bear a great responsibility for helping family members navigate these times with as much ease and grace as possible, and clear communication is the key to both hearing and delivering what they want and need. Funeral home answering services can help with three critical communication aspects:

Set the Tone

Your callers will expect—and deserve—to be greeted by a compassionate and professional real person who will be empathetic to their concerns and situation. A greeting sets the tone for how the caller will expect to be treated going forward. But if their experience isn’t positive, there may be no going forward. Answering their calls, regardless of the time of day or night, and helping them clarify their requests will make callers feel respected and valued, which builds loyalty and trust.

Know The Answers

Anyone who calls a funeral home is in need of some type of assistance. It could be as simple as scheduling an appointment, or they might need more in-depth information on specific types of services. Whatever the reason for the call, they want solutions to their problems and accurate answers to their questions. With a funeral home’s unique call communication scripts, call center operators will be prepared to answer any question or direct them to the staff member that can best help.

Careful, Responsive Listening

People are often overwhelmed with emotions when calling a funeral home, and they’ll find great comfort if they sense they’re speaking with someone who is fully present and skilled in both asking and answering questions and listening with a compassionate ear.

Operators at an answering service are trained to actively listen to your clients in order to ask the right questions and provide accurate, detailed answers. Whether the call is regarding pricing or what steps to take with the imminent passing of a loved one, a trained operator will know the protocols for asking targeted questions that will guide the caller forward in a calm, professional manner.

Call communication is key for the successful operation of every single service a funeral home offers — whether it’s planning the service, offering family grief counseling, or advising on burial options. The last thing any funeral home director wants is a family that’s left with regrets because their desires weren’t heard and their wishes weren’t honored. There are no second chances to make an end-of-life ceremony as fitting a tribute as it can be, and communication is the key to making sure a family’s wishes are honored right the first time.

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