Communicating During COVID: How We Can Help

Voice Link - Answering Service COVID

Even with the anticipation of relief from the pandemic, businesses from every vertical—service providers to healthcare practices—are still being affected and cautious. Most have mastered their internal communications through virtual meetings, team messaging platforms, chat, and email while working remotely, but what about your phones? Are incoming customer calls being answered? With live answering services from Voice Link, we ensure every customer phone call gets answered 24/7/365. But our support offers much more than that.

Communicate Important information

Our live answering service can be your first line of contact when you aren’t available, answering questions and communicating important office policy changes and protocols like mask requirements, curbside check-ins, and pick-ups, reduced hours, and in-person visit restrictions.

Transfer Calls Between Home Offices

Working from home poses a challenge for interoffice call transfers between employees. Voice Link’s live answering service can transfer customer calls or route messages to the right person, keeping you and your staff productive without sending customers to voicemail.

Manage Call Fluctuations

It’s a time of transition right now, but your customers are still looking for reliable assistance when they call your business. As your office hours and workloads continue to increase or fluctuate, our team of virtual receptionists can help you answer the phones during peak-times or overflow hours when you need help the most.  

Extend Your Office Hours

Voice Link’s live answering service works 24/7/365 to keep your office open so you don’t have to. Our professional agents are trained to filter emergency and non-emergency calls and act as service call dispatching.

Protect your brand

While you are keeping your employees safe in their work-from-home offices, you can also protect your brand. With Voice Link as your live answering service, you can have peace of mind that your phones are being answered compassionately and professionally by our USA-based agents, and you never have to miss an opportunity by missing a phone call!.  


What else can Voice Link do to support you and your business during and after the pandemic? It’s much more than answering the phones. Our live answering agents can provide:

  • Customer Service Support
  • Service Dispatch
  • Secure Messaging
  • Order Entry Services
  • Overflow/Rollover Answering
  • Call Center Answering
  • After Hours Answering
  • Appointment Setting

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